Skincare Secrets From the Sexiest Man Alive

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“Sexiest Man Alive”

A title Brad Pitt has carried for many years while being an A-lister in Hollywood. Twitter recently erupted when a wrinkle free, not a blemish on his face Pitt took the stage at the Golden Globes. Twitter wanted to know, what are his secrets? Is it Magic? What potion is he using and where can I get some? Guys, if you want to look young again and impress hat lady in your life here are a few things Brad Pitt is likely doing.


As mSkin Careen we are very informed of what Botox actually is. I have heard “It makes your face look plastic” “They inject you with a poison” “I do not want to look fake”. I thought that same thing before I decided to open Millefiori. I am only 31 and do not have many wrinkles in the forehead but on the side of my eyes (Crows feet) I have a ton of lines due to being in the sun my whole life. The first time I received Botox I was very nervous thoughts like “Is someone going to notice?” “Am I going to look frozen?” Well none of these things happened and about a week later my friends’ wives told me I was looking much younger and wanted to know if I was sleeping more. Same thing Twitter was asking Brad Pitt, coincidence?


What is a facial? I always thought it was women laying down getting a facial massage and gossiping about her life. Whoa was I wrong!! A facial gets rid of your blackheads, your dead skin and gives you that refreshed look that everyone said Brad Pitt had. Not to mention, Ashley massages your shoulders, hands, and feet. This combination knocks out any and all men into a deep sleep. You wake up feeling refreshed and your skin looks new!Skin Care

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to “peel” the dead layers of skin on the surface and allow healthy skin to shine through. They are a great way to increase collagen and elastin while promoting skin health….. Wait what?!?!?!?!?! This is the one service that will have your face looking 10 years younger. You can go super deep with a Perfect Peel or just a day time beta peel. One is for corrective and the other is to brighten up the skin. Brad Pitt more than likely went with a deeper peel.

So Gentlemen there you have it, secrets of the “Sexiest Man Alive.” How bad do you want to stay young and impress that girl in your life?Skin Care

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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