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The Skincare Pyramid, and Why you Should Invest with your Esthetician!

We have all walked through the mall and have been bombarded by ladies, clad in black, telling us to buy their skincare to look like the actress spokeswoman. It’s convenient to buy your skincare from the same place you buy your shoes, but do the products differ from what you have been recommended by your esthetician, like myself at Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation in Melbourne, Florida?


The answer is IMMENSLY NO! (Not to mention the customer service you receive will be tenfold) Skincare Products that are found “over the counter” have low grade ingredients and fillers to dilute and spread a stronger solution. There is a hierarchy of ingredients and products, and drug-store brands are at the bottom of the barrel.

Bottom Feeders

These are large, conglomerate companies that put most of their money into marketing budgets and spokes model salaries, rather than ingredient lists and product development. We all know, “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” These over the counter skincare items always have low grade ingredients like mineral oil and alcohol, which clogs pores and damages the epidermis–talk about counterproductive!

The Mall

The second hierarchy level is mall skincare products. These are slightly more expensive than your Target shelf items, and have slightly higher percentages of active ingredients. These companies are still large conglomerates, but usually chose a few, mainstream items to put the majority of their research and marketing dollars into. This level includes Clinique, Este Laudeer and MAC.


The third level is spa and boutique Skincare products, with smaller lines usually not marketed to the masses, and are higher price points than the mall. These are sometimes organic, having lesser known ingredients and focus on more correction and product development rather than packaging. Dermalogica, Aveda and Murad are all popular spa product lines.


The top, crème de la crème of the Skincare product hierarchy is cosmeceuticals, which are medical grade Skincare products, scientifically proven to correct the skin and are only available in a plastic surgeon or dermatologist practice, like our office in Downtown Melbourne. These are prescribed for real, measurable correction, and should be used only how they are recommended, due to extremely strong aggressive ingredients. These are lines that are known in the medical community, and include Skinceuticals, Obaji and Skinmedica.



To compare a medical grade product to any other level of treatment is impossible, due to the scientific properties of the ingredients. When your Esthetician recommends a product or treatment, they are not only taking your skin type and allergies into consideration, but also to address your concerns without creating further issues to the skin.

For example, a client who goes to the mall and tells the counter tech that acne is a concern, they may recommend a salicylic acid product. But did you know there is dry acne, and salicylic would exasperate the issue and create more acne? What about any underlining allergies and possible complications with other things being used that don’t mix well? When I make the suggestion of a Skincare product for at-home use, I take everything into consideration, smells, texture, residual feeling on the skin, usage dose, etc.. Do they like a squeaky clean feel but have consistent dryness? I may tell them to alternate between a milky and gel/foaming cleanser without laurel sulfates (a foaming agent that lowers the PH of the skin). Are they breastfeeding and having hormonal acne? I would ensure the client is aware to eliminate salicylic and replace with sulfur or lactic spot treatments due to health complications that can be passed to the baby.

As a practitioner recommending a treatment, we know how your skin changes throughout the year, what skincare you are using in conjunction with, as well as reaction possibilities, replacement options and more. I’ve had many patients that, once leaving the office, have questions on product combinations and common reactions. Did your counter girl give you her contact for emergency questions? Luckily, I not only have an office to contact by phone and email here at Millefiori, but also provide out of office contact information for around the clock customer service. How many of us have picked up a counter product, got a pimple, and didn’t know if that was normal? *raise your hand* Interested in more product information, or want to graduate to corrective skincare?

Call us at (321) 821- 4778 to schedule a complimentary full Skincare consultation. We recommend bringing all your daily used products with you to the consultation to determine gaps in your regimen as well as an ingredient listing.

Till Next Time Melbourne! Love the skin you’re in!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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