Skinceuticals’- Spring time Changeup

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Time for a springtime switch up!- Melbourne, FL

Spring has officially arrived (and the humidity is back!). As your wardrobe adjusts, your diet and exercise routine changes, with it, your skin regimen may need to change to address the transitions. As you say hello to those favorite mini shorts that have been packed away since October, bring out Skinceuticals tinted sunblock, because the sun is back!



Skinceuticals’ line of Creamy cleansers leave the skin hydrated and dewy. Some patients (like myself) are always dry, and could use that extra moisture all year long. Most, however, feel like an oil slick come summertime, and crave the squeaky clean feeling from a gel cleanser. Foaming and gel cleansers slightly lower the ph of the skin, drying the skin of excess oil, reducing sun damage, and are great for evening cleanses during spring and summer. Tip: for “combination” skin, alternate between a milky cleanser (for morning use) and a gel cleanser (for evening use). I alternate between Skinceuticals’ LHA cleanser (with salicylic acid) and a milky cleanser for exfoliation, anti-aging, and hydration.


Skinceuticals’ line of gel moisturizers are a great product to give hydration to the skin without a heavy texture. Formulated for oily skin types, these absorb extremely quickly into the skin and can be layered with other products if necessary. Many people mistake oil for hydration, which are two separate things. Whether you have excess oil, breakouts or normal skin, everyone needs to be wearing a moisturizer, it may just be the formula and texture that may differ. Tip: If you feel too oily after your moisturizer, use a retexturing product that exfoliates first, and still give you a squeaky clean feel. The retexturing activator by Skinceuticals is my absolute favorite for an under moisturizer primer to get your makeup to stick.

Sun Screen

Did you know your spf expires? Time to spring clean the bathroom counter, and check your expiration dates on active products. Zinc or titanium oxide are the best protection against the sun, but when kept for years, loses its efficacy and give you false confidence in your skincare routine. Add a tinted spf, like the sheer physical sunblock from Skinceuticals, to not only give you the sun protection necessary to avoid further damage but also give you a sheer coverage that will give you that summertime glow. $35 for a medical sunblock and makeup all in one …. yes please!



Spa Facials at Millefiori not only are relaxing, but they are also extremely beneficial for reducing excess oil, correcting sun damage and extracting blackheads and dirt. Beneficial all year long but necessary for spring and summertime in Florida, spa facials should be tailored and changed throughout the year and may include koji acid, clay masks, hyaluronic acid and zinc oxide. Our monthly facials at Millefiori are designed to address the most common concerns at that time of the year, but we always customize and discuss how to address your skin that day with both treatments and products.

So remove those dust bunnies and throw out the expired! Spring clean your skincare with a switch up in your routine. We invite everyone in for a complimentary consultation, to bring their own products in to match and fill gaps, as well as review skincare concerns that may be occurring only during this time of year.

 If you are feeling it’s time for a springtime switch up, call us at (321) 821-4778.

Till next time Melbourne!

Love the skin you’re in.



Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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