Why spa facial regimens are important

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Does taking an hour to yourself sound amazing, yet impossible? An hour is 4% of your day. That’s it! So finding one hour out of over 5,000 hours in a month is just a blink in our life, that we all deserve to take for ourselves for a spa facial.

Being on a Spa Facial regimen that is customized with both you and our Medical Esthetician can be both relaxing, invigorating and rewarding. We brush our teeth every day (sometimes twice a day!) but also go to the dentist and get our teeth cleaned professionally, for health and appearance. Spa Facials once a month from a Medical Esthetician is the same premise. It is a deep cleanse for the skin, with manual removal of excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads, and congestion. It also targets specific issues and corrects the skin, like dark spots, dehydration, and loss of collagen.

Our skin is a living organ, the largest in fact, and should be part of your wellness and health regimen. Your skin regenerates new cells on average of every 30 days, if you are 30 or younger.  As we age, that time period becomes longer, creating a dull appearance, giving a rough texture to the skin, and creating lines and wrinkles. A Spa facial stimulates that regenerating process, exfoliates the skin and treats issues depending on the skin type. This all makes the skin more toned and gives that youthful appearance that we all are looking for and deserve.

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It also is an hour that is all about you! From being greeted in our office with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate, to laying down and being pampered with attention, we all deserve a mental and physical break of every day with a Spa Facial. When we take time for ourselves and relax, we are more productive, more positive, and more inclined to pass that feeling on to others.

So Spa facials once a month are not just to relax. It is not just for appearance. It is not just for your skin health. It’s for all of these reasons, and more! Once you experience a professional facial, feel the euphoria, and see the results, finding that one hour out of 5,000 hours will somehow get just a little bit easier.

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