4 Products to Stop Your Face Melting This Summer


Only a few more weeks until Summer! I feel like Olaf in Frozen waiting for summer!! I love all the fun adventures during summer. BUT what I do not like is how hot and humid it gets. Which ends up making me feel like my face is melting off!

I have prepared myself and my skin for summer, let’s get real, I am in Florida and it feels like everything is up in the 100’s during the summer. This summer I wanted to go with minimal products on my face to avoid the feeling of my “face melting off” With difference seasons comes different products needed for that; here are the top products you need for Summer and why!


Phlortein CF Gel

This powerful antioxidant is not only packed with Vitamin C and other good for your skin ingredients. It is also going to help with the tone and smoothness of your skin. We’re out in the sun a lot during summer. So to avoid getting ‘sun spots’ I’ve incorporated this into my routine months ago and making sure it’s close by all throughout summer.

It’s light weight gel formula is going to protect from premature signs of aging! It’s only needed in the morning and soaks right into the skin leaving you without that heavy feeling some serums can leave.

Retexturizing Activator Gel


With summer here, fun in the sun is a MUST! When we spend more time out in the sun, chemical peels become something put on the back burner. I love chemical peels but staying out of the sun is a bit hard for me, so I end up turning to the Retexturizing Activator gel to help me still get the exfoliation that my skin needs during summer.

This light weight gel is formulated with a very hydrating acid to gently eat away at the dead skin cells while hydrating and plumping your skin with the hyaluronic acid in it. It’s leaves my skin feeling baby soft the next day! I even use it on my daughter.


Hydrating B5 Gel

I already feel like my face is melting off during the summer, so I do not want my moisturizer to feel heavy or sticky. I typically will switch out my Triple Lipid to my Hydrating B5 Gel moisturizer for the hotter days.

This is an oil – free hydrating moisturizer. It goes into the skin JUST LIKE WATER!!! It’s ideal for oily skin types which I feel everyone gets a little oily during the summer. The combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 leave the skin feeling supple and smooth without clogging the pores.


Physical Matte UV Defense

This little sucker is PERFECT for summer. It helps absorb oil while leaving the skin nice and matte. It’s weightless mousse drives to a powder finish making it ideal for a light coverage makeup essential. I use this to help smooth out skin texture, hide my pores, and protect my skin from the hot climate. I have a few friends that use it as a makeup primer which works perfectly too! I just try to avoid foundation during the summer months.


Can you see the theme here? I switch more to oil-free and light weight products during the summer. We are in Florida and there’s been so many times where I felt like I was melting or having to blot my face because the heat was trying to wreck my makeup. Thankfully I’ve found a way to avoid that away and stick to lighter skin care products that will still give me all the right benefits without feeling too heavy or sticky when enjoying all the fun in the sun! Stay tuned because now we have to find some ‘melt-proof’ makeup!

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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