Tanning 101


To Tan or Not To Tan

I can remember being in high school, if you weren’t doing what everyone else was doing, you weren’t cool. That being said, having a sun tan (living in Florida) was a must. The tanning bed was my go to!

Me during my senior year of high school- 2011

What I Learned

Flash forward to being 21 and getting a job as a medical assistant in dermatology. I began understanding the importance of sun protection. There’s something about assisting in 6 skin cancer surgeries a day that makes you take a step back and say “hm…. maybe having a tan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”.

I started to apply sunscreen every single day, whether it was an overcast Monday, or a bright sunny Saturday at the beach. The dermatologist I was working for at the time also shed some light on the power of using an antioxidant in addition to my sun screen.

He told me that my SPF was only protecting me from SOME of the harmful rays that we encounter daily. It was like this Ah-ha kind of moment. I wanted full protection! How irresponsible was it to only be partially protecting my skin?!

Prom Night Tan

My Protection

Antioxidants are the sidekick to our spf. If you aren’t using an spf, you need to get on one. And if you aren’t using an antioxidant…. you guessed it, you need to get on one. Antioxidants basically supercharge your sunscreen by making sure you are fully protected from damage caused by free radicals.

My personal favorite antioxidant is SkinCeutical’s CE Ferulic, which I pair with my SkinCeuticals Tinted Physical Fusion spf. My skin has never felt more loved!





Wedding Day Glow
Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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