Target to Neiman Marcus Skincare Shopper

If I were to compare skincare to clothes shopping, I would definitely use my 3 favorite stores. Target, Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. Where do you shop? And For What?

Target… Tar-Jay!!

When shopping for clothes at Target (aka Tar-jay), I am going for functionality and ease.  I shop at Target to get my basics.  So to compare skincare to clothes shopping at Target would be like purchasing a cleanser, moisturizer and SPF and calling it a day.

I bought the comfortable, safe top that I will wear to my company picnic. I also purchase the basic run of the mill skincare that will protect me from the sun!!

I DO NOT go out of my comfort zone. I am not changing anything on my skin to renew its lost luster.  When I buy my products at Target I don’t get any compliments on my attire or my beautiful skin like I wish I had from the Boss’s wife. But I had some extra money to order that pizza last night and we could call that a win, right?  Except my face feels really greasy now…. hmmm.


So lets go to the next level and say that I have just found myself in the dressing room at Nordstroms. The sweet personal assistant is handing me the cutest outfits to try on.  A blousy top, skinny jeans and Tory Burch shoes to match.  After many attempts, I finally find the dinner date outfit to impress my friend, her boyfriend and the blind date she is bringing with her because for some reason she thinks that I am lonely.

The price was steep but I am feeling really excited to show up tonight and make them go “wow”. This outfit would deserve the proper skincare regimen such as: cleanser, an antioxidant, moisturizer and SPF.  This is the skincare that is going to start to change the concerns that I have with my skin.

This is where people are going to start thinking that I have done something more drastic that just using a simple Vitamin C antioxidant every morning. This is where I give that blind date a chance because he thinks I am 5-10 years younger than I actually am.

Nieman!! AHHH

But hold on, there is one more level that we can try.  I am now invited to the white house.  The president will be there and so will Oprah. And it’s not even my birthday!  I have to look my best so where should I shop to definitely say that I am at the top level?  ….. Yep, it has to be Neiman Marcus.

I now have 3 personal shoppers and my dressing room is bigger than my bedroom.  And how do these mirrors make me look so good in every outfit?  I really want to take home everything but I would need a few more hours at my current job to pay that bill.  It’s very difficult but I finally pick out the outfit. I feel so proud and beautiful.  Oprah might not notice me but I at least have the confidence to try to get her attention.

Plus, I will look great in a picture with her. Because the best part is we won’t have to Photoshop our faces since my skin is on point!  If I’m going to shop with the big dogs, I need to look like a big dog!!

I am using a cleanser that targets my skin type, not just one but TWO antioxidants (one in the morning and one at night), a moisturizer with ceramides and my mineral SPF. For an added bonus, I am also using a Retinol.  The compliments are frequent at the event and the pictures are flawless. Oh, and the only makeup I am wearing is mascara!

What Did We Learn?

So, whether you are a target shopper or have a charge account at Neiman Marcus, you are a stylish person who knows the importance of looking young in whatever outfit you desire.  But did you know that you can always mix it up?

For example, you can buy an outfit at Target and purchase medical grade skincare with the money you save.  Or… you can buy a stylish top thats on sale at Neiman Marcus so that you can still buy your medical grade skincare line at Millefiori.

Looking good from head to toe is what your goal is. You can always buy a new shirt or pants, but its very hard to buy younger looking skin.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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