The Perfect 5 Minute Face


Kids are back to school and my clients are telling me their leisurely morning has been
diminished to a tornado of shuttling, making lunches and trying to get out the door. This leaves us in a predicament of “should I put on a face or get something for breakfast?”

So what is the secret to this natural beauty phenom? Read on little grasshopper, and get
your sleeping time back!


Having a clear palette makes for a quicker application. I am a huge fan of the 5 minute face, and most of the week, I rock the look.  But you know the difference between the “I did absolutely nothing” look and the “I look put together but I roll about of bed looking perfect” look.

With that being said, in my career, having a rolled out of bed look is slightly frowned upon. This is why I take such good care of my skin. Is it not only for health, but it makes my morning so much easier.


First Minute

After your skincare regimen, start with your 5 minute face application. Begin with your tinted SPF or tinted moisturizer. One of my absolute favs is the Skinceuticals Physical Matte SPF. Not only are you protecting your skin from environmental damage with the zinc ingredient, but also giving your skin a
beautiful finish.

The tint covers many imperfections and dries as a matte product, similar to a powder.

Second Minute

Apply a liquid concealer to more damaged areas first, then the tinted SPF if necessary. Now that the face is done (for now) , work your way up to the eyes. So in the 5 minute face world, this would be your crème or natural color shadow.

I like to use a color called “bone”. This is an off-white or taupe color that should be applied on the whole lid and up to the brow line. Light colors like these open the eye and give the visual illusion of a larger eye. Avoid glitter and shimmer, unless you’re under 30.


Third Minute

Lightly dust the shadow on the lashes as well, and then apply a healthy dose of mascara to both the bottom and top lashes. Start at the end and shimmy your way down to the root.

Dusting the lashes create a slightly thicker lash, and is literally a 3 second addition. One of my favorite
mascara’s is the Blinc tube creating product. No smudges, no clumps, and they have a lovely dark
chocolate brown that looks soft and natural in the daylight.

Fourth Minute

Finish the eye area with a quick sachet of brow pencil, favorites include T.LeClerc Blonde and Tarte’s brow mousse. So at this point, eyes and face are pretty much done, 4 minutes have passed. Make your way back to the mid face for a little blush and/or bronzer.



DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. This, in addition to your brows, makes the look, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Start at the apples and with little circular motions, work your way up to the apex of the cheekbone.

Add a little gloss or gloss stick (new cult favorite!) and you’re out the door!

Fwew, did you catch that? Of course there are a few additions that can enhance your quick look like concealer and liner, but really, who’s got time for that?!

This look is easy, compliments any skin type and tone. This  will make your life so much easier in the long run.

Have more questions about our beauty tips and services? Come visit us at our boutique spa, located in
Historic Downtown Melbourne at 833 E New Haven. We love to meet new people and help our community feel more beautiful in their own skin.

Till Next Time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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