Tips and Tricks for Youthful Eyes

Youthful Eyes

Youthful Eyes… How?

I’ve officially exited my 20’s and living life on the 30s train! Woot woot! The best part about turning 30 is not looking 30, I still have my Youthful Eyes!! I love getting carded, getting asked how old I am and getting confused as my daughter’s sister… haha! One of the main reasons to maintain a youthful look is battling aging in the realm of skin care.

First Signs of Aging

Did you know the first sign of aging shows in your eyes?! YES, the fine lines, dark circles, puffiness… all those concerns adds years on your Youthful Eyes. The skin around the eye is 10 times thinner than the skin on the face. As a result, the eye area is more prone to dehydration and the appearance of wrinkling and sagging.

Youthful Eyes

What Can I Do?

Moisturizing eye creams can help keep the sensitive skin around the eyes hydrates and prevent collagen damage. It certainly cannot hurt for someone in their 20’s to use eye creams with peptides. Most of the eye regiment has to do with prevention of damage to the thin skin. Therefore sunscreen, antioxidants, and sunglasses are also important in preventing the rapid process of aging that area.

Love The Process

Youthful EyesIn the morning, you’ll want to apply your antioxidant, the Skinceuticals AOX Eye Gel is an eye serum that prevents the signs of aging, reduces puffiness, aids in discoloration, and protects the skin. This translucent yellow gel absorbs quickly into the skin letting the key ingredients absorbs: Phloretin, vitamin C and ferulic acid (antioxidants, anti-agers) while the caffeine minimize puffiness and has anti-inflammatory properties! Helloo fabulous under eyes.


Another way to battle under eye aging is to protect your eye area, including the eye lid with a special formulated sunscreen that is structured for the sensitive skin around the eyes. The Physical Eye UV Defense protects without migrating into and irritating the eyes while enhancing the skin tone, nourishing the skin. The sheer, universal tint is suitable for all skin types.

Wait… One More Thing

Bonus round… a sweet treat for those peepers! The Patchology Rejuvenating Eye Gels are the perfect anytime perk-me-up! The cooling eye gels will depuff, wake up fatigued eyes, while hydrating with collagen and caffeine! Giving you the “oh I just got a full 8 hours of sleep” look! Seriously these give you that refreshed in an instant.

Youthful Eyes

So don’t wait… get those under eyes taken care of! Let the experts at Millefiori care not only for your skin but retain your youth!

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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