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Why I’ve switched to LashFood from Latisse!

Life’s too short to have stubby blonde Eyelashes. Mascara, yeah – it’s great and yes I’m a junkie, but you have to put it on and take it off and it can only do so much. About 10 years ago the lash extension craze really took off and everyone had eyelashes you could practically braid. The downside of extensions were the price (who has $200 a month for their eyelashes?!), you couldn’t get them wet for a week, and when one naturally fell out the gap was hollering a mile away. So then lash growing products started making it mainstream like LashFood, Revitalash, and even prescriptions became more prevalent – like Latisse.

Over The Counter 


I thought the over the counter stuff would be hokey, I mean really, how do natural products make your eyelashes grow? So I jumped on the bandwagon and got Iris to write me a script to dispense me some lash growing goodness, aka, Latisse. The questionnaire seemed silly: do you have itchy eyes or dry eyes? Pregnant or history of glaucoma?

But I knew it was all protocol so whatever, no, no, no, no. Great! On my way to fabulous lashes! The first few weeks were AMAZING!! I put it on every night along my lash line, it was super easy and giving me results. My eyelashes started getting thicker, darker, and unbelievably long, all within 2 months or so. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and that it worked like a charm. Even people started to ask me if my lashes were real, which was such a bonus when I could say “yes!!” And then it started….

Wait, What?

I noticed a gradual shadow starting on my top eyelid, super close to my lash line. I didn’t really think much about it until one day I tried applying a light color base and the dark shadow wasn’t being able to be covered. My lashes looked amazing but you couldn’t tell because it was being overshadowed by a shadow!! Sounds funny but not really when you’re going through it at the time.  This is when I started wondering if I should have read the insert I tossed months ago, so I called my bestie who gave me the go ahead with the Rx .

“That can happen” Iris said. “You can keep using it but it is probably because of your olive coloring. Don’t freak out but it may get worse for continued use.” OMG. I wanted eyelashes but not like this!! I took a deep breathe of my lavender essential oil to calm myself down and listen to the words coming out of Iris’ mouth. “Just stop the product and it will slowly go back to the way it was. Just like any other prescription or product, it will slowly reverse back to the beginning.”

What Else is There for Eyelashes?

So I stopped, and slowly my long luscious eyelashes fell out naturally and were slowly replaced with short stubbly hairs that may be construed as lashes for some. I had serious lash withdrawal but couldn’t justify extensions- nor did they fit with my boating lifestyle over summer. And then, like an angel descending from the heavens, Iris had the same issue. Why is this important? Because Iris is just as addicted to lashes as I am and she is slightly more motivated to find a solution.Eyelashes

Her research for both Rx and over the counter options led her to LashFood. One of the OG’s from the first time I heard of such a product. LashFood? I was surprised the company made it through the influx of prescriptions, tinting, extensions and every other product on the market, so it peaked my interest. So of coarse I did what every good friend would do – I let Iris try it first 😉 Her dark shadow started to fade but the lashes stayed fabulous! She didn’t have burning or any sensitivity, so I decided to take the chance.

Did It Work?

Like magic – made of essential oils and natural root extracts – my eyelashes took off with no darkening of my eye lid! And my granola crunchy self loved that its 99.5% all natural, 25% organic, and 100%  not tested on animals and made in the good ol’ US of A! All of that was a bonus, but made me fall in love with LashFood that much more.

Lashfood is The Way to GO?

We stopped carrying Latisse in office from our own experience and personal preference. Many never have an issue with Rx Latisse- but its nice to have a viable, cheaper solution for those of us who have. LashFood is great for anyone wanting to look younger, have longer eyelashes, or wants another fun tool to start eliminating makeup out of their daily routine.

Having lash withdrawal? Pop by our office to see our own personal results and chat with an expert. We have the LashFood serum, mascara and liner on standby!

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in.


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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