Top 3 Spa Facials This Summer

Spa Facials

Top 3 Spa Facials This Summer

Ignite your glow with our top three summer spa facials! Every summer the number one thing on my list to accomplish is a gorgeous glow! I know I cannot be alone in this plan to be a bronze babe with healthy glowing skin.

The key word is healthy! Baking in the sun is damaging not just to the skin but also the body. Let the professionals handle your skin care with these top three summer spa facials ignite that summer glow.

Papaya Pina Colada

Spa Facials

Take a deep breath and relax as if you are at a tropical oasis with our Papaya Pina Colada spa facial. This hour vacation has a coconut papaya treatment that will allow your skin to promote healthy cell growth with moisturizing properties.

The papaya is an antioxidant that is high in vitamin c and beta carotene. It will soften and dissolve the dead skin cells leaving you with a soft smooth texture. Here’s the treat… the seaweed mask will replenish your skin providing suppleness and hydration!! Giving you a “just got back from the Caribbean” glow.

Raspberry Mint Mojito

Spa Facials

Something about mint just jives so perfectly well during the summer. It’s refreshing and awakens your senses with the raspberry mint Mojito spa facial. You will be begging for more! The raspberry peach treatment helps tighten and tone the skin. It acts as an anti-inflammatory aiding in soothing skin irritations.

The captivating assets to the strawberry spearmint mask is it helps reduce oil. While minimizing appearance of pores during the time its hydrating and improving your skin tone. That summer sun has no standing ray with this treatment, soothing away sunburns and fighting off wrinkles!

Vanilla Blackberry Sangria

Spa Facials

Umm, I’ll take two please! This cocktail helps aid at brightening the skin with the help of a great line up of active ingredients. Blackberries are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C; they offer the highest level of antioxidants.

This supply of vital nutrients gives the skin a glowing smooth complexion, allowing dead skin cells to slough off making room for regrowth of new skin. Hello summer skin with improvements in wrinkling, roughness, and soft skin. The vanilla bean mask will leave you hydrated, firm, and skin tone looking amazing!

Spend your mini vacation in our warm spa bed with the aroma scents of your own tropical oasis! You will not only feel like you’ve been lounging by the pool but you’ll walk out with your skin glowing brighter than the firework show this Fourth of July!

As Always, Love The Skin You’re In



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