Top 4 Excuses to Have a Botox Party Today!

Botox Party

Why hosting a Botox party is the best ladies night out!

Tupperware parties, jewelry parties and now— Botox party! We are always looking for a reason to gather around a bottle (or two) of wine while indulging in ourselves in groups is seriously the best way.

Why hosting a Botox party is the best ladies night out idea? Umm…. Wine, desserts, Botox… need I say more?!

Learn From Each Other

Botox parties are the most fun, lighthearted and eye opening evenings I’ve ever been to. It always opens up dialogue with different age groups and social circles. We learn  what we are doing to take care of ourselves as wives, moms and working professionals with busy lives.

Botox Party

It’s interesting to hear how Botox chat spins to chemical peel talk which spins into talking about workouts and gym recommendations to hairstylists and babysitters. It starts to turn into an evening about well-being and how to achieve a healthy lifestyle – and to look good doing it.


Botox Party

A Botox party is also the best way to see the treatment in action before getting it done. There is nothing better than everyone gathered around Iris as she describes how the “liquid gold” works. We witness there is absolutely nothing to be scared about.

Having the squad  tell you how easy it is and worth the investment is what makes Botox parties unique for a first timer. Being in the room with the injector by yourself for your first session can be a little intimidating. Having non-rookies around that look half your age and you knowing you are on that path is a nice piece of mind. Good friends always point you in the right direction.

Big Savings

Botox parties are the best ladies night out around, but it also comes with wallet perks. We here at Millefiori offer a discount to everyone who attends the event. The discount on Botox drops the per unit price to $10.50. We also put together a specialized discounted list of our other popular services to be booked at a later date.

So the perks don’t stop for the evening, but can last literally the whole year if you decide to. The host – just like that old school Tupperware party – you get something free!! Depending on the size of the party, you may be getting your Botox free or facials for the next few months –  all on the house, just for hosting the girls and helping them look and feel their best!


What else does a Botox party entail? Well let’s just say here at Millefiori, we know how to throw down a PAR-TAY! Our last little shindig featured an amazing photo booth with over 50 wigs, hats, feather boas and other fabulous props.

Botox Party

We had a champagne bar, a dessert buffet and did I mention wine? What was supposed to be a 2 hour event turned to a 4 hour – don’t stop – is it really Wednesday and 11pm already kind of night. And one of the best parts, is that we’re located in downtown Melbourne, so if you want the party to continue and we’re closing down the house, you’re literally steps from the best bars in Brevard (no uber necessary!)

So now that you’ve read all that, aren’t you ready to host?! Once you get 5 girls on board, call our office at (321) 821-4778 to get scheduled. We can host a private Botox party any day of the week and can give you recommendations for before or after your event to have the best night ever. I can’t wait to see you and the ladies soon for your next ladies night out!

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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