Top 4 Reason a Man’s Facial is Mandatory Today

Man's Facial

Top 4 Reasons A Man’s Facial is Mandatory

A Man’s Facial will get you skin that will impress that special someone in Your Life. Keep Reading to Find Out How

There are many benefits to men having a Man’s facial. However, there are many men who feel it is for the delicate skin and should be a service only enjoyed by women, thus avoiding the idea that it came make them appear sensitive and feminine. Truth be told, having a facial can remove years of buildup and oil that have been stored in pores.

Man's Facial

Best Features

Having beautiful skin encourages a slight red flush on the cheeks, which usually helps to showoff what sometimes we overlook. But is usually the most beautiful part of a man’s face – YOUR EYES. A Woman is powerless when looking into a Man’s eyes!!

At Millefiori, we specialize in custom Man’s facials for men’s skin; we focus on common problem areas such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, and sensitivity to helps carter and treat the areas. We know men love to keep their routine simple, so leave the extra stuff to us!


Men, you have rough skin with larger pores. Think Sand paper!! Large pores mean more visibility of the dirt after a long hard days work.

During your facial experience, you will receive a pore cleansing treatment that will help remove toxins caused by pollution; grease and dirt. When the love in your life touches your skin they will be blown away by the feel of your skin.

Man's FacialCleansing during A Man’s Facial will also help the skin look a less rugged, making shaving a more pleasant experience. Meaning less irritation and red bumps, win-win!! Cleansing of the face is especially important with facial beards – beards tend to carry bacteria and can aid to the break out of your skin plus your partners’ skin.


Men, you know us Women crave healthy glowing skin with less fine lines and wrinkles. Here is a Secret, so do you!!

Men, want to impress that Younger lady? Starting with a Man’s Facial is Crucial. There’s no way to stop the process of aging but with proper care of your skin, facial treatments can be used to remove dead and damaged skin and increase production of collagen, which is essential for plump and healthy skin cells slowing down the aging route.

Facial treatments improve and restore circulations to the facial skin layers, increasing the flow of oxygen enriched blood to the skin cells which entails gives your skin the plump healthy skin. Your Date will be impressed by your Fresh looking skin!!

Emotional Benefits

We know you work hard during the week. Let us help you relax and reduce stress. The experience at Millefiori is all about bringing the best out in patients; we want to have clients walking away with that feel good feeling. Facial treatments not only feel good, but offer soothing moments of relaxation bliss.

Want to Talk to that 10 at the end of the bar? A facial has an enormous effect on a person’s life by boosting confidence, self-esteem, and overall outlook in life. So it’s no brainer—both men and women want to look their best.

Do not be the last guy to embrace a Facial!! Leave the Bar of soap behind and let us look your best.

Love the Skin You’re In!!

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