Top 5 Skincare Products You Need in Your Arsenal Today

Top 5 Skincare Products You Need NOW!

Ok, role call for everyone who got random skincare products and body products in their stocking? I am never super excited to have gifts like that because I never know if its going to be an amazing new item that I just HAVE TO HAVE. Or if I will get a weird rash that I call Iris to write me a steroid Rx for.

I feel like I am a qualified friend to give those fun random skincare products as gifts, because really, if I am giving them to you, I promise they’re the good stuff. Check your bags and underneath your counters, because here is my top 5 skincare products you need to make sure you have in your arsenal for a beautiful 2017!

#1. Skinceuticals CE Feurilic

Skincare ProductsAntioxidants are the top must have in everyone’s skincare products regimen! Whether you’re looking to tighten, brighten or smooth your skin, these miracle products deliver results without any adverse side effects. They also prevent further damage which is a big gap missing from most of our arsenals.

The CE Ferulic was the first vitamin c to be medically published and still the #1 selling antioxidant worldwide! For you more oily ladies and gents, they offer a gel antioxidant that’s more lightweight and helps with breakouts too. CLICK HERE FOR MY REVIEW ON THE CE FERULIC!

#2. Avene Calming Spray

Everyone has a bad skin day, yup, I admitted it! It could be dryness from sun exposure. Dullness from travel. Sensitivity from over retinol use or acne products. Whatever it may be, sometimes you’re skin just needs a pick me up! Avene’s calming spray is amazing to refresh and soothe skin – and it’s a steal of a deal!

For $10 you can carry around this mineral water everyday, so you’ll never be caught feeling blah about your skin. Little secret – I use this baby every time I want the “glow” immediately. I also use it to set my makeup if I am trying to stay away from powders. Whatever your skin condition, YOU NEED THIS! Trust me!!

#3. LashFood Growth Serum

I wasn’t too sure if this could be constituted as “skincare” but its close. Lashes are many times forgotten about but one of the notable areas that age with thinning, lightening or flat out loss of lashes. LashFood is an all natural product that makes those fluttery lashes fly with darker, toner and thicker lashes after 8 weeks. 12 weeks gives you the ultimate effect and can be used even with sensitive or pregnant clients.

If you’ve never used a lash enhancer, you are really missing out on the amazing lashes you could be having. Have an event or just want to be low-maintence? Get this product, its less than the cost of a couple good mascara tubes and doesn’t smudge off! CLICK HERE TO READ WHY I SWITCHED FROM LATISSE TO LASHFOOD.Skincare Products

#4. Skinceuticals Retinol

Everyone should have a retinol, Period (unless you have some type of allergy to vitamin a – which do occur). They firm skin, tighten pores and soggy skin. Help with acne issues and brighten pigmentation and sun damage issues. With that being said, not all vitamin a’s are created equal. Many Rx retinol is not time lapsed or buffered. Many over the counter retinol have a very low % of vitamin a. One may give too much exfoliation and create redness, irritation and peeling. The other may not give you any indication you put something on, making you feel like you wasted your hard earned money.

Skinceuticals Retinol is different, in all the right ways. It’s time lapsed, which means you get mini doses of the active ingredient over a 24 hour period. That means much more tolerable, even for more sensitive skin types. It’s strong, so even with this stuff you need to have a professional recommend your dosage (come see myself, Sadia or Stephanie for a professional’s input) to avoid your skin going through any transitional phase. But it’s the best retinol on the market.

Looking to ramp up the anti-aging routine? Get on this magical nighttime product 3x/week and get your regimen in high gear!

#5. Clarisonic Mia

2017 will be the year of at-home devices. These little machines bring the spa or dermatology office home to work on your skincare plan full force. The Clarisonic is still the best out there for anyone looking for a moderate pricepoint device to lengthen the effects of in-office treatments. As long as you are using it correctly. You will see and feel the difference with you skin. Make your products and services work better for you with the Clarisonic! READ MY BLOG ABOUT THE DO’S AND DON’T OF THE CLARISONIC HERE.

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Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in.


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