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Pregnancy SKincare
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My hubby and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary this past February and we’re finally feeling the calling of parenthood. We aren’t to the serious planning stage yet, but know it’s in our cards within the next year or so, and are enjoying of the thought of having a little one running around while still relishing the silence. There must be something serious in the water because I have seen quite a few expectant mothers in the office for facials within the last month. Whether you are actively trying, actively practicing (like us 😉 ) or are actually pregnant or breast-feeding, you should take a look at your skincare products and makeup to see if any of the “must-avoid” ingredients are part of your routine. Don’t worry, if you’re in the practicing stage like us, you don’t have to throw your products away just yet…

Pregnancy Skincare

Hormonal acne

Hormonal acne can be a nightmare and most acne products contain salicylic acid. Salicylic is awesome because it dries up all the access oils in your skin and can help majorly with cystic acne (the under the skin take up a whole cheek and it hurts to smile kind). Unfortunately “salicylic” is derived from asprin and is on the absolute naughty list of ingredients for Pregnancy Skincare. BHA’s (Beta-hydroxy acids) in general are on the no-no list, and are mostly regulars in anti-acne skincare. NOOOOO, hormonal acne can be a major bummer. Between no sleep, morning sickness and your jawline blowing up like a balloon what is a soon-to-be mamma to do?! Sulfur (I know, what a stinky situation, literally) is a great second option that can achieve the same effect. It’s harder to come by in over the counter products but Dr Dennis Gross MD Skincare has an awesome sulfur spot treatment and tries a nude color which doubles as a sheer cover-up. Winning!


Melasma is vicious in the Florida sun and the pregnancy mask is a stark reminder of your “glowing days” post pregnancy. Melasma comes from the hormonal fluctuations your body is enduring when pregnant, but unfortunately doesn’t go away within the first trimester like the morning sickness woes. Hydroquinone and retin-a (or retinol) are the most common products prescribes for pigment evening affect, but are absolute NO-NO’s for at-least the 9 months of bun cookin’. Pigment is extremly hard to change when you’re going through a hormonal fluctuation, so really – protection and anti-inflammation products are the key. Skinceuticals has this amazing green goo (PhytoCorrective Gel to the rescue!) and is all botanicals so it’s safe for you and baby. It helps with pigment and inflammation (bye bye puffy face) and is hydrating but not overly heavy. Other than that, you gotta just ride out the time and focus on how fab you look and feel (hopefully).


Pregnancy SkincareMakeup may not even be needed (or hell, you make feel so out of sorts you may just not care) during pregnancy, but if you do, take note. Many foundations now have chemical sunscreens like avobenzone and homosalate. There are negative side effects linked to the use of these not only during but after pregnancy, so best option is go mineral. It is more effective than chemical screens and no side effects to worry about. BareMinerals and GloMinerals are popular with their zinc and titanium dioxide and can be in powder form for hot (literally – sweating) mommas!



There won’t be a baby-bun cookin’ in the Millefiori kitchen this summer, but many of our patient’s must have had a cold winter. If you or a friend are attempting to get pregnant or are pregnant, and still want to work on putting your best face forward, stop by our office! Our pregnancy skincare professionals have over 15 years combined experience to help you look and feel your best everyday! Free consultations available Tuesday through Saturday 9am-6pm.


Till Next Time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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