Tricks the Bachelorette ladies use to get Flawless Skin

“Bachelorette” Ladies Always Have Glowing Skin

The jury is in and Bachelor Ben Higgins has found his forever love among the Bachelorette’s! Will you accept his final rose? Does it come with the elaborate champagne toasting helicopter riding afternoons, because if so, sorry Eric! I kid, I kid…. (Maybe not).

As I was watching my guilty pleasure, water cooler chat TV show, I thought to myself “these girls never have a bad skin day, EVER!” I guess it wouldn’t be sexy to feature a winning girl for an individual date while she looks like Rudolph the red nose reindeer. But really, how is it possible for these girls to go through the stress of competition, international travel and sleep deprivation without looking a little haggard?

The Bachelorette

The pool of women on the Bachelorette is always a youthful group. The oldest I’ve ever seen a contestant hovered around 30. Now, I’m not saying young girls don’t have bad face days, but it’s much easier to bounce back from a bad night when you don’t have crow’s feet creeping towards your hairline. Younger contestants are more resilient to lack of sleep (though I have caught one girl applying an eye cream after she removed her sleeping mask once) and alcohol consumption. On top of the age factor, these girls are seriously some of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see. EVER. They have found pageant contestants, spokes-models and daughters of professional athletes. The gene pool on these girls is being kept under lock and key.

On the Bachelorette, between rose ceremonies and vacation dates that cost a million dollars, the camera usually pans to the house that has a clad of beauties drinking water and snacking on fruit. Their health is in tip top shape, which aids to clear glowy skin that we all crave. The girls are never shown mowing down on a bag of Doritos and a Dr. Pepper. Instead they feature them in the workout room, sweating ever so slightly like a small glistening dew bead. They look like what I like to think I look like when I’m working out – not what I really look like which is 2 seconds from being passed out. That diet and exercise is doing a body good, including their skin.

The Bachelorette

It’s easy to compare our complexion to the ladies vying for a ring, but what you can’t forget is that they have an army of beauty experts, hair, makeup, and clothing assistants at their disposal. If we had a group of professionals every morning to cover our blemishes, soften our dark circles and blow out our hair, we would look red carpet fabulous too! But diet, exercise, sleep and the environment due play a factor in our skin. So remember ladies: eat right, work out at least 3 times a week, sleep 8 hours a day, and surround yourself with beautiful men!

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Iris Kelley

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