Are you using the right type of cleanser?

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Cleansers are the black sheep second cousin within the skincare world. They’re important, but they don’t stay on the skin, and usually don’t contain a high percentage of active ingredients (if at all). So is putting a lot of energy into finding that perfect cleanser really necessary? YES!



Your skin is your largest organ. It changes with age, diet, environment, and can also be effected by stress and pollution. Your cleanser should fit the needs of your skin as it changes each day. Most of my patients have 2 cleansers on hand, some even 3 depending on the skin type.

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When choosing a cleanser, it needs to do three things. Cleanse the skin of dirt and “the day” (removing makeup if necessary), balance the pH of the skin, prep the skin for serums and other corrective products.

Ok, so now that we know what it needs to do, how do you chose the right one? Not all cleansers are created equal. Read the following to see what you should be looking for, and why you may be using the wrong one.

Milky cleansers– Also can be cream cleansers. Looks like a cream and doesn’t usually foam. Leaves the skin with a dewy finish. Perfect for dry, sensitive and eczema/psoriasis/rosacea skin. Examples include the Skinceuticals gentle cleanser.

Gel cleansers– Also called foaming cleansers. Comes out of the pump as a gel or immediate foam and when added with water becomes sudsy. Leaves a squeaky clean and dry finish with a slightly tight feeling. Great for oily and combination skin. Most patients need to alternate this type of cleanser with milky cleanser. Examples include the Skinceuticals simply clean cleanser.

Micellar Water– Also known as cleansing waters. Applied with a cotton pad to wipe away impurities. Most patients use these in the AM only. Great for extremely sensitive skin.

Medicated cleansers– Usually in gel form, these cleansers have salicylic, benzyl peroxide or other active ingredients. Targeted to correct the pH, these products need to be used as directed, and are usually either alternated with a different type of cleanser or used for a very short period of time until the skin condition is corrected. Examples include Skinceuticals LHA cleansing gel.

Not sure if you’re using the right cleanser? Come into the office for a free consultation to go over products, services and anything in regards to skincare! (321) 821-4778.

Till next time Melbourne! Love the skin you’re in.



Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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