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What is a Watermelon Facial Mask

I think we all can agree that a Facial Mask is very important to great skin care!! Watermelon is known as the super cool fruit during summer months. It consists of 93% percent water and loads of vitamins! Keeping both adults and children hydrated while consuming this yummy treat!

The mouthwatering fruit also has amazing qualities that can do wonders on the skin. A Watermelon Facial Mask is rich in antioxidants which helps aid in the preventing aging of the skin. It is considered a natural toner and is good for exfoliating the skin.

Just Give me all the watermelon because it also prevents skin from sun damage, moisturizer the skin and provide a fresh, youthful look!

I just had to share the benefits and why you NEED to try this amazing, refreshing, healthy facial mask at your next spa treatment! Watermelon is not just a summer treat; it’s a great skin saver for any skin condition!

Benefit #1 – Stop Stressed, Aging Skin!

Watermelon contains a rich source of lycopene, Vitamin A and Vitamin C decreasing free radicals from attacking your skin causing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Benefit #2 – Hydrates the Skin!

The juicy fruit overflows with watermelon juices keeping the body and skin hydrated when consumed. Dehydrated skin can lead to dry and dull complexion – when consuming watermelon the juices will help you remain refreshed and rejuvenated.

Benefit #3 – Minimizing Pores!

Vitamin A is a rich source found within watermelon. This vitamin decreases the size of skin pores and minimizes excessive oil secretion from your sebaceous glands.

Facial mask

Now stick all that watermelon goodness and add it into a mask… You have summer dreams right before your eyes! The limited time watermelon collagen mask is jammed packed with all the watermelon benefits PLUS hyaluronic acid and collagen getting your skin to that plumped healthy perfection! Let’s get your summer glow beaming soon at Millefiori.

Love the skin you’re in! Call Us at 321-821-4778 To learn more!!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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