Why I Love Retexturing Activator

Retexturing Activator

Why We Love Retexturing Activator 

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and looking fantastic, exfoliation is essential part of your regiment. This process helps slough off the dead skin that can cause texture issues on the skin.

When I first started coming to Millefiori as a client, I had a huge dislike for the texture on and around my nose. My nose felt a lot like sandpaper and just seemed to always feel ‘bumpy’. I would try the nose pore strips or peel off masks… OUCH those things are painful! I had this weird vision in my head that after one use my skin would look fabulous and I would not have to pile on the makeup to hide the weird bumps. Nope… I was wrong. All the gimmicky over the counter products did not rectify the issue.

Start of My Retexturing Activator Journey

Retecturing ActivatorI remember at the end of my first facial, Ashley recommended  Retexturing Activator. She said Retexturing Activator would clear up the areas that had those bumps, which was dead skin cell build up. Adding a serum to my regiment was a new step for me since I was used to the basic: cleanse, tone and moisturize.

When do I add it? Is it morning and night? Thankfully at Millefiori, we give you full instructions and a product prescription sheet with details on how to use your new products. I was able to successful incorporate the new serum into my skin care routine. Which  has made a huge difference in my skin care health.

My Benefits

Now to the good stuff… the nitty gritty details on this amazing product. The retexturing activator is a bi-functional serum that helps resurface and replenish the skin’s barrier for healthier, more radiant skin. This lightweight gel serum stimulates enzymes that help break the bonds that bind dead cells to the surface of the skin. Dramatically diminishing surface lines and wrinkle with a 20% daily glycolic treatment.

What Does the Mean???

Iris explained to me that it’s mini pacman eating away the dead skin cells on the face… how neat!! While it speeds up skin cell turnover, this is improving the skin’s radiance. Keeping new healthy skin in the surface.  I would apply it at night and in the morning, wake up with refresh plump skin.


All at the same time noticing over a consistent amount of time that the texture on my nose area was diminishing. The retexturing activator has hyaluronic acid which is natural humectants that retains water and immediately smoothes rough skin. As well as Kombuchka, black tea ferment helps improve overall skin smoothness, radiance, and clarity while giving an antioxidant effect.

How Do I Use It?

Best part of this serum, it’s safe to go under the eyes! Anytime I feel that my under eyes are a little crepey, I will add this under my eye cream for a nice refresh boost the next morning! I prefer to use this product at night since the dry down time takes a few minutes. I alternate using this product between about every other night, only on the nights I do not use my Clarisonic. This oil-free chemical exfoliate is suitable for all skin types! So don’t sit too long on this, skin improvement requires commitment but it’s so worth it!

Love The Skin You’re In


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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