Why a Collagen Bomb Today?

Collagen Bomb

It’s everyone’s favorite word- COLLAGEN. We have the perfect Service to Help, The Collagen boost!!

Why a Collagen Boost?

Collagen is our best friend and worst enemy all in one. When we have it, it’s great! It gives you that youthful, wrinkle free, plumped up look you’ve always loved.

When we don’t have it, we trade that plumped, youthful appearance for wrinkled, sagging, and thin skin. Doesn’t sound appealing, and that’s because it’s not. However with our very easy, non-invasive collagen bomb treatment using Ultherapy.

Can I Get a Collagen Boost?

Collagen Bomb

For my fellow Ultherapy users, and my newbies, this treatment is great for everyone. Including my fellow Gen Zers! While it’s  different then a full Ultherapy treatment, we use our most superficial transducer on the entire face.

This results in a glowy, overall natural makeover to wake up those loose, sleepy collagen fibers underneath your skin. We all want more Collagen!

What Does this Treatment Accomplish?

In the process of a collagen bomb treatment, you’ll allow your skin to be introduced to ultrasound technique of tightening the collagen fibers. This is a natural, graceful process that will continue to highlight your favorite parts of your skin.

Collagen Bomb

As opposed to making you feel like you’re making yourself look like someone other then yourself. This is also a great maintenance treatment for users who have received Ultherapy previously. Continuing to treat with Ultherapy as maintenance will keep your results looking new. The best part is slowing down the aging process.

I want a Collagen Boost

If you’re considering but unsure that you’re a good candidate, a consultation with your provider is always super important. To customize your treatment plan your provider will go over the severity of your skin’s laxity and what areas you’re mainly concerned with.

Receiving a treatment such as what we consider a collagen bomb is again a great introductory to new patients and also the best idea for keeping your results looking fresh.

This non-invasive treatment is completed right here in the office, with absolutely no downtime. It’s a quick process that will only take about an hour and a half to complete while you get to relax in our treatment rooms during the treatment. Like mentioned before, Ultherapy is so popular due to having no downtime.

After your treatment you can continue your day, whether that be going back to work, or having a night out on the town without anyone knowing you had anything done!


Those Holiday pictures will be here before you know it, so make sure you plan accordingly for your Ultherapy treatment as they do take up to 6 months to see full potential in results! I look forward to starting, or continuing, your Ultherapy journey with you! See you soon.


-Brianna Scaglione


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