Why Eye Cream?

Eye Cream

What makes eye cream so special?


Every year we get a little bit older and a little more tired. I noticed a slight change in my skin. This past birthday it was quite the unwanted gift that my under eyes started resembling crepe paper… Remember the crinkled, colorful paper streamers used at parties?

eye cream

Yes, that’s exactly how I viewed my under eyes and layering concealer to hide the dark circles did not make it any prettier. I’ve tried numerous eye creams but always faced the stingy watering eyes or still feeling very dry under my eyes.

My Problem

When I started working at Millefiori, I became educated on eye cream products and realized what I was using wasn’t the right fit for my skin. It was too heavy for my under eyes causing more of a problem for my under eyes.

Eye Cream Results

I decided to give the A.G.E. Eye Complex from SkinCeuticals a chance. This amazing eye cream fights the appearance of dark circles, puffiness & crow’s feet in all skin types. Now, I’m not neurotic about wrinkles, just more so with my puffy tired eyes since I tend to live a busy life; I’m so glad I snagged this eye cream when I did!!!

My first day using the eye cream I instantly felt a sense of “plumpness” under my eyes. Not just after application but even up to the evening when it came time to wash my face before bed.

OMG goodbye puffy tired mom eyes, hello looking refreshed! The optical diffusers help minimize the appearance of dark circles and give tired eyes a more radiance look.

But How?

That plumpness I talked about earlier comes from proxylane, which is designed to help restore water and nutrients to improve the looks of the skin’s firmness while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet… umm give me all the proxylane!!!

The area under the eyes is thin, delicate and the first place to show signs of aging, so any time I can avoid facing the getting older reality I jump on it. Here’s to hiding minimal sleep but still looking young & refreshed thanks to this amazing AGE eye cream!

So don’t wait until it’s too late to reverse the signs of aging, swing into Millefiori for a skin care consultation and get you to loving the skin you’re in!

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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