Why your Botox Injector Matters ?

Some of us who have been doing botox for years may feel like it’s just a routine task like, picking up the dry cleaning, but for those newbies out there it can feel very scary. I cannot stress enough how important it is to know the person on the other end holding that little syringe.

So, I would like to share a little more about me as well as some things to look for as you are choosing your injector. In the beauty industry just winging it may not be the best bet. Remember that time that you walked into that hair salon for a trim and said you would take anyone and walked out half bald. True story, that did happen to me and I do have the pics to prove it. Fortunately that was back before facebook was popular so those bad boys are hidden in a closet and not floating on the internet.

 So let’s start with the basics


  • What is botox? Botox is an FDA approved medication that is injected into muscles to relax the movement and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Who should get botox? Anyone over the age of 18 that has lines or wrinkles on the face, caused by movement, that they would like to soften.
  • Is it safe? YES, the medication is FDA approved and has been used for millions of treatments for both men and women. The results of the medication are based on the skill and knowledge of the injector administering the medication.
  • How do I know if I have found a qualified injector? Please keep reading 🙂

Who should be injecting Botox

Just because there are a million places that are now offering Botox, does not mean that you should trust anyone. Botox can be ordered by any Medical Doctor so essentially both a Plastic Surgeon and Psychiatrists can order and sell Botox at their practice. You want to make sure that the provider you choose has specialized training in the field of aesthetics, this should be the main focus for the practice not just an added service to an existing Urgent Care type clinic. For example at Millefiori our medical director is Dr. Alan Durkin a board certified plastic surgeon and I am a board certified physician assistant who has worked strictly in aesthetics for the last 4 years. Our office specializes only in skincare and medical aesthetics.

Who is Allergan

When choosing where to get botox you first want to make sure that the facility is using authentic brand Allergan Botox. There is only one company, named Allergan, that sells the real brand botox.  Some practices have decided to try and find way to offer their clients “budget Botox” and order it from other countries, such as China for example, that claim it is exactly the same as the Botox that Allergan manufacturers. Not only is this medical fraud and will be investigated by the FDA, but this doesn’t sound very kosher to me personally. I am okay with purchasing Publix brand or off brand paper-towels but not really okay with an off brand medication for my face. But that’s just a personal decision.

So how do you make sure you don’t get duped?  

You can visit Allergan’s website and click on the find a doctor link and enter your zip code click here. This will provide a list of every office in the area that orders their Botox directly from Allergan. Also check out these helpful hints on how to spot fake botox.


This is kind of a hard quality to measure in your injector but should be considered. We all know that if all people are trained to do the same task they are all going to accomplish said task but also put a personal spin on it. The best way to determine if the injector is a good fit for you is a proper consultation with before and after photos. At Millefiori we pride the fact that Botox treatments are never rush. You get ample time to sit down and chit chat and get to know me, and see my personal before and after portfolio. Any office can show stock photos with amazing results but make sure you ask to see their personal photos.

 Bottom Line

As long as you have all the basic above checked off you should be in pretty good hands. From there it is just about finding a personality that meshes with your own. At Millefiori our entire culture is centered around customer service and patients experience. I can guarantee that we will go the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable. And even though we may not be the cheapest botox in melbourne, I assure you will be happy with your experience. And there may be some truth to the saying you get what you pay for 🙂

Hope to see you in the office soon!
Iris Kelley, PA-C

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Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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