My Year Long Journey of Skincare at Millefiori


My Journey at Millefiori

Let’s drive into the nitty gritty! Everyone is keen on making sure their skin looks fabulous, I know I am! Over the last few months, I’ve received SO many compliments on my skin and I couldn’t be any more over the moon about it.

I want to share my journey at Millefiori and how taking proper care of you skin can bring you numerous compliments. (so vain of me)  But also the self-confidence to leave the house with minimal to no makeup!

My Beginning at Millefiori

Many are not aware of this, but I started off as a client at Millefiori. I met the dynamic staff during a networking meeting and from there was instantly in a committed relationship with the office. From the beauty of the place – down to the amazing customer service and treatments. It made me leaving each time saying “wow, I love that place and never want to leave!!”

My first treatment, the wonderful Medical Esthetician, Ashley (My Mentor), sat down with me and went through my whole skin care regiment. We discussed what my concerns were. I was currently battling a plague of adult acne with an odd dryness around my cheeks and nose area, and the weird rough bumpies on my nose.

My at home routine contained multiple attempts of me trying to cure it myself with over the counter items. These had the word acne plastered over it or “kits” from Sephora. I was on the brink of giving up because nothing was working. It either got worse or helped for a few days and BAM the under the skin cystic ‘bump’ would come back pissed off even more from trying to run it off from the party on my face.


My Treatment Plan

My current treatments started off with a facial to help assess the skin. I got extractions and an evaluation to test the tolerance of my skin. This was done to see if my skin could handle the different treatments and products. Everything was custom to fit my skin type!!

I’m obsessed with  facials, it’s a miniature nap while someone works out your face ridding it of the crud and gunk. Just like we do with our bodies when we work out. It’s not a one and done kind of life… skin care treatments are just like working out. To maintain the healthy skin you must continue routine treatments.


With that said, I returned to Millefiori every month for my routine treatments of facials that gradually turned into chemical peels. I am still using the products recommended for my skin by the Ashley. She took the time to explain to me what the product was, how it would benefit my skin, and how to use it with my current products.

I remember this so clearly but the very first item I ever picked up from Skinceuticals that was recommended was the Retexturizing Activator. This product helps exfoliate the skin with glycolic acid while still hydrating the skin with hyaluronic acid! I was so busy trying to fix my acne on my own that I was over exfoliating, drying the skin and making it worse. So, I was told NO MORE. Instantly I noticed a difference in the hydration of my skin, within a few weeks and that weird bumpy texture on my nose subsided! YAY.


My Results!

I would go back with new milestones “hey my skin isn’t feeling like an alligator tail”! “oh I didn’t have a break out under the skin”. Little triumphs that made me excited to say I was seeing the difference.

We graduated my treatments to chemical peels. I know was experiencing a deeper exfoliation while targeting both realms of problems – acne and dryness. I cannot RAVE on how incredible my skin has felt and LOOKS since taking care of it properly. Between the treatments and using products that help my skin it’s been a transformation.

Once the acne was under control, I had a new battle to handle, I suffer from Post Inflammatory. Any trauma such as a break out would leave a lingering dark spot on my skin as a reminder of what laid there before. UGH!! Not a fun reminder of dealing with adult acne.

The dark spots were so dark that even my full coverage did not fully cover them. Thank goodness the chemical peels performed help clear the pigment up. I made sure to later spf on a daily to make sure it does not get worse.


My Skin Today!!

Between the treatments and using the Skinceutical product lines – I could not be any happier!! I love to express to my clients that corrective skin care treatments are not a one and done shop.

The proof is in the pudding. With proper treatments, and proper products you can achieve loving the skin you’re in! Below is the current photo of my skin post series of micropeels and the proper products from Skinceuticals.

I’m currently using the Simply Clean cleansing gel, Phloretin CF Serum, AOX eye gel, Hydrating B5 gel and tinted SPF for my morning routine.

At night I cleanse as normal, Age and Blemish serum, AOX eye gel, Triple Lipid moisturizer. Occasionally I was incorporate my retexturing gel if I’m feeling dry but overall – I’m loving the routine, the results and how my skin now seems healthier where at 27, it did not!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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