Yes, Get that Chemical Peel this Summer!

It’s time to break the stigma of not being able to address your skin concerns with chemical peels during summer time.  That’s right, you CAN still get your chemical peel treatments, and we are ready to give them to you here at Millefiori!

So, Why this Myth?

We’ve always been told to hold off on certain treatments while we go into the summer. Especially here in Florida. There are plenty of ways your skin can be treated during the summer. With your favorite MicroPeels or Perfect Peel even though we’ve hit the summer time. First, let’s break down these peel options a little more.

The Refreshing Micropeel

We offer a unique option called “MicroPeels,” at Millefiori. These are great “beginner” peels or “maintenance” peels. With a variety of different chemical solutions, there’s one for everyone and different concerns.

They also allow the skin to be treated with a chemical with little to no downtime. Making it a great fit for your treatments during the summer. Benefits of these peel include: little to no peeling for most patients, light-medium exfoliation, brightening of the skin, cleansing congested pores, and let’s not forget that our Micropeels include dermaplanning!

                The Rockstar Perfect Peel

Another option here at Millefiori is called “The Perfect Peel,” and in many ways…. It is perfect. Suitable for all skin types, this peel does wonders for dark spots, brightening the skin, addressing fine lines and wrinkles, and giving you the ultimate summer time glow you wish for! With this peel being our strongest, precautions should be made post-treatment, but still very doable to complete during the summer!

Tips and Tricks Before Appt

-Do not apply peels to sunburnt skin.

-Wait to schedule your peel 2 weeks post prolonged sun exposure

And while you’re getting your treatments done:

-Avoid prolonged sun exposure BUT if you are in the sun just be sure to protect your skin with an SPF 30 or above

-Consider wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses for extra protection

-Minimize time spent outdoors when possible

For your best results, we recommend chemical peels to be completed in a series of at least three treatments. For more information call us today to book your complimentary consultation and possible same day treatment! Come on ladies and gents, let’s get your glow on!

Can’t wait to see you soon! ????

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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