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Pucker up baby! Lips take a beating when it comes to the aging process. They are subjected to acids like citrus and wine, pollution, constant movement and environmental damage. The skin around your mouth ages in many ways – all are correctable. Fight the signs and perk up your pucker with these easy fixes for smoother, more firm and youthful lips.

Loss of Volume

Upper lip volume becomes non-existent as well age, it just disappears into no-man’s land. Dermal fillers like Juvederm is an easy, quick procedure that fills fine lines and gives your volume in your pout back. It’s instant gratification, give or take a small bruise or tenderness for a few days – and nothing else on the market compares to the results. As we age, not only are we seeing our lip do a disappearing act, but your lips also become uneven. Fillers are customized, which gives natural results and can be cherry picked in the location of placement. AMAZING! How easy is this treatment? For first time clients, nerves are the worst part. After about 15-20 minutes of numbing, your injector will strategically place the hyaluronic filler along the lip line and inside the actual lip. A little arnica cream and a lip massage and voila! Youthful lips that last up to a year! The most important aspect of the treatment is the injector itself. Make sure to do a full consultation, ask for before and after photos, as well as credentials. Also, make sure your injector likes doing lips. It’s an art form, and if your practitioner isn’t “feeling it,” you may get lackluster results. Here at Millefiori in downtown Melbourne, WE LOVE LIPS. We consider ourselves “the lip connoisseurs” of Brevard County.  Feel unsure? WAIT. Fillers are one thing that should not be pushed or rushed. If you are forced into it, you won’t enjoy it. If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, you’ll love it. *I waited till I knew it was the right time for me and I LOVE IT!*

New Lips

Smoker Lines

Smokers Lines

Vertical line lines above the lip and in the lip are referred to as “smoker’s lines.” Smoker’s aren’t the only one susceptible to these creases, but are more pronounced in these patients due to the repetitive movement of the lips when smoking. Patients who drink frequently out of straws and people who purse their lips are also commonly known to have deeper vertical lines in this area. Treatments in this area can include fillers, the same procedure as to treat the loss of volume. Botox, another injectable procedure, can also be used to soften the “squeeze” movement, and can give great results if the skin health is in good condition and the line is new. Other treatments to correct the texture issues around the lips include micro needling and chemical peels, but yield much slower progress and cannot be used to treat the lips themselves. Lip exfoliators are often forgot and so easy to make! Double the amount of sugar to coconut oil (add a couple drops of peppermint oil for a true spa experience) and bam- lip scrub success! Work the product in little circular motions every evening before brushing your teeth. Is it going to give you a “wow” factor, probably not, but using it consecutively will give smoother and softer lines. Lip conditioners should be applied regularly as well to keep hydration in check. The dryer the area, the more pronounced the lines will be, in the lips or not. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Sad Face

Sad Face

Have you ever noticed some faces that look perpetually sad? You can turn that frown upside down! With fillers applied strategically in the corners for the mouth, the downturn of the mouth “flips” to give a more happy appearance instantly! Botox can also achieve similar results with a small amount placed in the DAO muscle (corners of mouth) but last half the time of fillers. Injecting the DAO is a more advanced technique with botox, so make sure your injector is experienced, like our owner Iris Kelley P.A.C. Peels can help rejuvenate and firm the ski as well, but won’t give the complete up-turn of the lips like injection treatments can.

Noticing your lip area has aged and looking to do something about it? Book a complimentary consultation at our office for a personalized analysis and to see what our office can do to achieve your desired results. We make a plan, not promises, and will be honest with our expected outcome. (3210 821-4778.

Till Next Time Millefiori!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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