My Tattoo Removal Story

My tattoo removal journey


We’ve all been 17, celebrating high school graduation with our besties, hoping the moment doesn’t pass to quickly. Well, I decided to take it one step further and commemorate the moment by getting a matching tattoo that I picked out of a look-book that said nothing other than, “look at my stupidity!” 4 stars, shades of blue, and matching with friends is the only thing I thought of, but consequences never crossed my mind.


I thought it was cool at the time. Taking pictures of our matching ink, showing off to my friends that I scored a tat as an underage conniver. After the first week or so, I could tell it wasn’t healing properly. Could I call the artist? No! I don’t even remember the place, since it was on a whim in New York City and I was so worried the front desk guy would ask for my ID that I didn’t even pick up a business card. So, after the “healing” surpassed, I was left with 3 and a half stars; the story wasn’t supposed to go like that.


I knew I would get flak from my mom, but I never realized how embarrassed I would be from that decision. The first time I met my in-laws, my father in law asked what was wrong with my ankle. An interviewer glanced at the fine work once, I never really knew how that decision looked to employers, until then. It was a running joke that I had secretly served time in prison, since my stars looked more like blobs etched with a shank and blueberry dye. Anytime I would go out on a date, see my grandmother, or take pictures, I would promptly turn more right, wear long pants, or claim it was a bad looking bruise. I thought my foot modeling days were over, never mind my size 9 foot 🙂 I needed Tattoo Removal!!


But then I found Iris and Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation in Melbourne Florida. My ankle savior, my body loving days were back! She let me know about the option of tattoo removal with the picosure laser, and that it would be quick, scar free, and much less embarrassing as the tattoo itself. After 3 sessions, I am to the point that I can say goodbye to my wild, high-school days, and feel more like the beautiful, professional 30-something that I am. The entire process has been something to learn and grow from. Even though and I am so happy my mother wasn’t right when she said that decision will last forever!

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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