My Chemical Peel Work if I Don’t Peel?

Chemical Peels

Is My Chemical Peel Working if I Don’t Peel?


How many people have had a friend get a chemical peel and hated the downtime?

Or seen someone that looked like they were attacked by a grill grate?

If you didn’t see them peeling or red, would you think the treatment was working?

Perception from a treatment can make you think something didn’t work, but believe me when I say that sometimes when a chemical peel doesn’t peel it is still working.


A Chemical Peel is like a woman. We come in all shapes, sizes and colors – but we are all equally effective in getting our point across. Chemical Peel effectiveness is all based on the actual ingredients. There are HUNDREDS of peels on the market; every line or dermatologist has their own peel that is the best of the best. I can’t tell you which one is better than another, it’s depending on how quickly you want to get to your end result!

The Science

Chemical PeelDifferent ingredients work differently, and therefore so do peels. I don’t want to get all techie with my blog, so I’ll keep it easy for the folks not nerdy like Iris with her ingredients book. There’s 2 major groups of peels, AHA’s and BHA’s. BHA’s work from the inside out – therefore you may have a purge of breakouts, a lot of peeling and pigment get darker because we are stimulating everything from under the skin up to the surface. AHA’s work from the outside in – so with these you shed a little less than BHA’s, pigment gets lighter and the skin is extremely tight. So for instance, our deep peel is a AHA and BHA, so you get the best of both worlds – working on pigment, acne, lines and pores. The ingredients matter, so don’t let a friend say they got a peel and had a negative experience. Unless you’re getting the exact same peel, they are all different!

What’s Next?

So which kind is best for you? Downtime, lifestyle, concerns, budget and sensitivities all play a factor on what type of peel is right for you. I would recommend a consultation for anything over $150 per treatment because the effects and downtime may be more than what you were expecting. We at Millefiori offer complimentary consultations for these reasons, not only to ensure we are addressing your concerns but making sure you are on the same page for what to expect.Chemical Peel

Fall is the best time to start a chemical peel series due to lower temps, humidity and sun. Thinking of starting a peel series or interested in seeing if a peel is right for you? Schedule a free consultation with Iris and I for a customized treatment plan. (321) 822-4778. We are here Tuesdays through Saturday’s, 9am to 6pm. We look forward to seeing you soon in our beautiful office, located in historic downtown Melbourne, for your one on one with our experts!

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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