“Kandi” Tattoo Removal

Hi there you can call me Kandi. While Attending University of Central Florida (Go Knights) my friends and I had cute nicknames for our clique. We used these names when we were out at the local college bars or when we met guys around campus. During my four years of college we always talked about getting these nicknames tatted on our bodies so we could always remember our “cute” nicknames.

Three years after graduating, us girls from college had a reunion on the hot sandy beaches in Key West, Florida. Within the first hour of being in Key West “Angel” and “Kandi” (me) were rocking and rolling on Duval Street. After a few hours of consuming beverages we made the best decision of our lives, lets get those tattoos we have always talked about. What a brilliant idea, getting an old college memory tattooed on your body in Key West after a few drinks! I got the tattoo and thought this is going to be an epic story to tell all my friends. Oh how was I wrong.

The first two months after the tattoo I still thought it was a great idea because I was still young and in my partying ways. After six months I started my regular job and started to settle down and saw things in a more mature light. I started to get the dreaded INK regret. I now wanted to get this tattoo removed. It is not visible through regular clothes and can barely be seen with a bathing suit. However the times people do see it, I hate and I mean HATE having to explain this ridiculous story from my younger days. Most of all I regret that I allowed someone to put something of such little meaning on my body for the long term. I needed to get this tattoo removed.

I am not opposed to tattoos but I have always wanted them to have a deep meaning to my life when I got ink on my body. I had a lapse of judgment in my youth and I thought I was going to be stuck with this “Kandi” for the rest of my life. Waking up every morning looking at this stupid tattoo gets kind of depressing after a while

I researched tattoo removal a couple years ago and found the old technology burned and scarred people’s body. I was not going to go through that. I then found a new laser called the Picosure, and called Iris at Millefiori: Medical Skin Rejuvenation and she has given me some hope with this regrettable ink. I have had one treatment and can not wait until this silly tattoo is erased. Thank goodness for tattoo removal and Iris with the Picosure. It has given me much needed confidence back.

“Kandi” (Soon to be rid of that name!!!)

Melbourne, Florida



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