Misconception of Botox in Melbourne fl

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Botox?- Melbourne Florida

If I had a dollar for every time that someone came into my office and said “I think I want to put Botox into my lips” let’s just say I would have quite a few dollars. There are a lot of misconception about what Botox really is and where it is placed in the face.

There are many women with could benefit from this quick non-invasive treatment but the myths have made them too scared to even ask about the benefits. We are going to discuss a few of these myths and explain a little more about the areas of the face where Botox is commonly used.

First Things First- Botox in the Lips

Botox Melbourne fl
This is NOT Botox

When you see “the real house wives types” walking around with lips that are larger than life. This is not Botox. Botox is only used to help with lines that are associated with muscle movement. The most common areas are in the upper 1/3 of the face; around the eyes (crow’s feet) between the brows (the 11’s) and the forehead. Most of our patients here are Millefiori do any combination of these 3 areas.

There are other treatments such as dermal fillers that we can do to increase lost volume in the face and the lips. These treatment address the use of filler in the mid-face (cheeks), the nasal labia folds (smile lines), the marionette or jowl area, and lost volume in the lips.

It will Freeze you Face

Your face is made of up 43 different muscle that move and make expressions such as smiling. This “frozen face” that people are worried about is impossible to achieve. Botox does not have the capacity to make all the facial muscles completely frozen. The objective with Botox is to soften the lines with changing the overall expression.

 It is a Dangerous Toxin

Since Botox is a prescription just like any other medications we use here in the United States they are all tested and approved by the FDA. Believe it or not a lot of the most common medications we use are form of toxins. For example if you have a heart attack and are in the hospital drugs such as digoxin, atropine, or adrenaline are all chemicals that could cause toxicity. When used correctly they can save your life. The amount of botulinum toxin that is used in Botox is so small that there is no potential risk of toxicity. Side note Botox is used in new born babies with muscle spasms in much higher doses than you are receiving for cosmetics without any harmful side effects.

 People will Know you had Something Done

The goal of non-invasive cosmetic treatments are to make you look refreshed, without anyone knowing exactly what you did. When using Botox or dermal fillers it is for very subtle changes, it will not create a completely different look.

Botox Melbourne Fl
After Botox, looks natural

 Botox is Painful- Wrong

Botox is an injection into the skin but the needle that is used is very tiny. You do feel a very small pin prick but there is no lasting pain. Also ice can be used during the treatment to help take the sting away.

 I will Become “Addicted”

There really is no way to physically become addicted to Botox treatments. It is a very effective treatments and a lot of patient like the results and want to continue. About 3-4 months after the initial treatment the muscle will start to cause more movement and the lines/wrinkles in the area will start to appear again. It is your choice if you want to continue and if you don’t decide to do more treatments there are no residual side effects.

 Botox is for only People 40 Years or Older.

A recent study showed that the starting age of Botox in the United States is 19yrs old. I personally think that 19 may be a little on the young side. I do agree with the idea of preventing aging and fighting lines/wrinkles before they become too deep. There is no perfect age for Botox. Here at Millefiori we do in depth personal consultations with all our clients and help them decide what treatments they would benefit from. If you have lines related to muscle movement then you are a candidate.


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