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Injection 6 Facts You Want to Know

6 Facts You Want to Know Before Injections Injections are for everyone who wants to look younger, healthier, and more vibrant. But, no one wants

Questions to ask before Botox
8 Questions to Ask Before Botox

8 Questions to ask your provider about getting Botox   So you have decided that Botox might be for you, you have taken the step

Botox Party
Botox Party- 4 Reason You Will Host Tonight

Botox Party! 4 Reasons You Will Host Tonight Botox Party: Tupperware parties, jewelry parties and now— Botox parties! Us ladies are always looking for a reason

Why your Botox Injector Matters ?

Some of us who have been doing botox for years may feel like it’s just a routine task like, picking up the dry cleaning, but