Tips to Get Yes From Husband for Botox

Tips to Get husband to Say Yes to Botox

I have been getting botox for the last five years and started at the age of 27. ( I am 32 shhh) We meet people all the time and they have a ton questions about botox. The first thing most people say is “wow, you don’t even look like you need botox, you don’t have any wrinkles”.

My response is simple DUH! That is why I am using botox.  I decided to get botox more for prevention to keep any lines from getting deeper or become permanent. The next statement I get is “My Husband is 100% against botox!

Now to be honest I have a pretty cool relationship with my hubby, and he really doesn’t mind anything I do, within reason. But a lot men don’t really understand how botox works. They are initially worried about their wives coming home looking one of those House Wives of Pick a city. Here are some tips on how to get the hubby on board.


This may seem silly but I promise you our Husbands Truly are clueless about Skincare!!

Unfortunately, the aesthetics industry has become a little crazy and overdone in the celerity world. Think real house wives and Renée Zellweger’s plastic surgery. When aesthetic procedures are done correctly the changes should be very subtle.

Tip one is to explain to the hubby that he may not even notice the difference. Show realistic before and after photos. And explain that botox is only relaxing the muscles of the face and can be done very naturally.

Real Before and After


One of the most common objections I hear from men, “You Will look Different”. Botox is only a temporary medication that is used to soften the lines of the face.

The biggest misconception is botox is going to change your face so much that it will not look like you. This is not the case. I am a qualified injector and you will look refreshed but still like you.


Now this concept kinda makes me giggle. I think there are worse things in the world to be addicted to… like cake. But botox is not on that list.

Botox is FDA approved to last for 3-4 months in most patients. After that time frame it will wear off and you lines will come back just as they were before.

There is no permanent side effect and it does not make  lines worse. It is up to the patient at that time if they want to continue with treatments. They could do it a few times a year or just try it once.


There are procedures in the aesthetics world that can set you back a few thousand, but botox is not one on them. At our office the minimum treatment to see an effect is 20 units of botox which would set you back  $230. And since the product last for at least 3 months it is really costing you around $2.00 a day.

Last time I checked that is less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. You have to compromise and find something else to lessen in your budget, but for most people botox is affordable.

There is a reason we say women are from Venus and men are from Mars. We are very different and have a different way of processing information.

If your husband or significant other is dead set against botox you may find that you can change his outlook by explaining more about the procedure. Or better yet bring him to an appointment.

You may be surprised that he may even jump into the patient chair.



Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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