Acne Scarring

When acne breakouts travel deep into the skin, it can damage the skin and the tissue beneath it

What Causes Acne Scarring?

When acne breakouts travel deep into the skin, it can damage the skin and the tissue beneath it. After the acne is gone the body is still trying to heal itself underneath. During the healing process, the body produces collagen and if either too little or too much it can produce a scar on the skin.

Some people are more likely to see scars once active acne clears. The risk for scarring increases when the acne is paired with an inflammatory response. Also the longer that the acne is untreated the high risk that scarring will develop. If you do develop acne you should never pick or squeeze at the skin, this causes damage that can ultimately lead to scarring. Make sure that you are seeing an aesthetician regularly for extractions if you are suffering from active acne. Lastly, you can blame acne scarring on your genetics, if you have a family member with the skin condition this increases your risk as well.

Types of Acne Scars

Types of acne scarsThere are many different types of acne scars and each requires evaluation for different treatments. It is common to use a combination of multiple treatments to achieve optimal results.

Hyperpigmentation Scars

Dark Spots- not typically scars but can remain for years after acne has cleared. The medical term is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

More Than Just Skin

Acne scarring can affect more than just the skin. Patients can also develop anxiety, depression, and feel withdrawn from social activities. At Millefiori in downtown Melbourne we understand how acne and acne scarring can affect someones life and make it our goal to provide medically proven treatments that really work. Book a consultation today to find out more of how we can help you. By finding ways to treat your acne scarring we know that you can boost your self-confidence and feel better on the inside as well as the outside.

Treatment Options

Safe and effective treatment all start with a consultation. At Millefiori in downtown Melbourne, all consultations are free so you can meet with our skincare experts and determine what is right for your skin.

It is important that if you feel like acne scars are affecting your life that you seek treatment. Common concerns that we hear from our patients are that they constantly think about removing the scars, they feel the condition of their skin is holding them back from job opportunities, advancing at work, or preforming well in school. Also patients tell us that they want to treat their acne scars to become more social.

The main goal to remember with acne scarring treatments is to be patient. We know how much of a struggle acne scarring can be, treatments can be successful but they do take a time commitment from the patient.

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