Skincare and Make-up to Keep in Your Desk Drawer Today

What Skincare and Make-Up To Keep In Your Desk Drawer

Have you ever looked in the mirror, maybe around 230pm or 3pm, and thought to yourself, “geez, I looked good when I left the house this morning… what happened?!” The 3 o clock slump isn’t just referring to your sugar. Most of us not only feel like our less-than-best at these times but also don’t look like our cheery best either.

Keep these few handy items in your desk drawer to feel and look your best throughout the whole day (and even for an impromptu to happy hour sesh)!

Hydration Spray. Refreshing mists hydrate the skin and add a nice dewey glow. Sitting in an air conditioned office dries the skin and creates more dehydration creases around the eyes and mouth. Spray away for dry/tight relief and add a mist right before happy hour for an extra boost. Favs include Avene’s Hydration Water and Evian’s water mist.

Q-Tips. If you are a fan of coal or wax eyeliners, you know, they travel. Q-tips are seriously the best invention for under 99 cents, and they don’t take up much room, so stash a few in your desk drawer. Clean up mascara or eyeliner smudges, straighten out any bleeding from lipstick, and even clean your ears!

Pressed Powder. Shine throughout the day can create a sweaty, rushed, I didn’t take the time to do anything look. Blotting papers do the trick as well but remember that they will also remove a little makeup as well if you use liquid foundation – a pressed powder does the trick and takes care of both issues! Powder the t-zone at 10am, lunchtime, and 3pm. Favs include T.LeClerc’s pressed powder and Make Up Forever Loose Photo Finish Powder.

Eye cream. The orbital area is the area I hear complained about ALMOST the most (neck is the most common). Dab a few drops in a tapping motion before any big meeting or when you feel like it’s time to nap. The peptides and caffeine in the Skinceuticals AGE eye cream wakes the eye area and hydrates the skin, reducing fine lines and dark circles. Top off with a little concealer and your ready to conquer the afternoon! Favs include Skineuticals AGE Eye Cream and Darphin Stimulskin Eye Cream.

Lipgloss. You may be able to find a pattern of hydration and refreshing with this list. Don’t forget the lips! Find a nice, neutral lipgloss to have handy for meetings and unexpected date nights. Light pink is my go-to and matches everything, but a purple gloss (I know, sounds crazy but trust me!) is another great option if you have darker skin tones. Add a few drops to the middle of the top and bottom lip to give a pouty, hydrated smoocher! Favs include Lipstick Queen’s lipgloss stick and Bare Minerals Moxie Gloss.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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