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Let’s Cool Down This Summer!

Stay Cool, My Friends Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, has never enjoyed the magic that is CO2 therapy during the sauna that

Skincare Gifts
Best 4 Skincare Gifts This Season!!

Skincare Gifts This Season Surprise and delight everyone on your list with skincare gifts and beauty favorites from Millefiori! We’re kicking off our holiday skincare

Fall Facial
Top 4 Seasonal Fall Facials

Top 4 Seasonal Fall Facials! It’s official!! Fall is here! Even though, we are in Florida and it still feels like 100 degrees outside, I

There are many variations of available.

One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like

Under Eye
5 Solutions to Beat Under Eye Problems

5 Non-Surgical Ways to Beat Under Eye Problems! When it comes to aging, one if the biggest complaints brought to my attention has to do

DAT- My New Best Friend

The Hydration Tool Meet our new office friend… DAT – formally known as the Dehydration Analyzer Tool. But doesn’t DAT sound way cooler.  I recently