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What to eat in Down Town Melbourne

Owning a business in Downtown has come with unforeseen perks. For example I get to eat some of the best food Brevard has to offer at a bevy of places. This is why without fail I get numerous texts a week asking where the best places to go eat in Down Town. I have a business lunch today and I was asked to choose where to eat lunch. That is a hard question to answer but I will try my best to educate on my favorite dishes in Downtown Melbourne.

Favorite Dishes

905 cafeLet’s start with everyone’s favorite, coffee. Before we opened Millefiori I have to be honest, I NEVER drank coffee. Did not like the flavor and didn’t see the need to drink 4 cups a day. However I have fallen in love with coffee since opening and I blame this love affair on one place and one place only: The 905 Café. They have a different iced coffee flavor every day and I yet to find one that I did not like. My favorite however is Jamaican me crazy and Hazelnut. Do yourself a favor, instead of getting Starbucks wonder into 905 café and get a coffee. You will thank me later.



Living in Tallahassee for five years I grew fond feelings for Po Boy sandwiches. Moving back to Melbourne I quickly realized that nowhere in this area could you get an authentic made from scratch Po Boy. Almost a year ago Tabones Po Boys opened up and my Po Boy sandwich experience has been changed forever. They have oyster, grilled shrimp, chicken, and pulled pork Po Boys but the star of that place is the Red Fish Po Boy. OMG, yes I typed OMG. I first tried the fish about two months ago and have gotten it five times since. Grilled to perfection, fresh bread, fresh veggies, and a sauce that makes you want to slap your momma. Best Po Boy I have ever had.

Where do I go for a burger? That is easy, The Burger Place. Be warned though, lines will get long around lunch time. Great diner feel and even better bread for the burgers. You can get a tiny burger, a medium burger or a monster burger. Order your sides for no cost and be prepared to have a messy delicious burger for lunch.

Nothing beats the atmosphere of Matts Casbah. Only place you can sit outside and enjoy the weather while dining on sushi, seafood, and steaks. For lunch however, I love their buffalo chicken sandwich. Perfectly cooked with homemade blue cheese. You will not get a better buffalo chicken sandwich anywhere in Down Town.

Outside Matts Casbah
Outside Matts Casbah

The staple of Down Town for many years has been Meg’O’Malley’s. Everything on the menu is good especially their pints of ice cold beer. However I am very fond of their fish and chips. I recently cut of fried food from my diet so it is hard for me to walk in there and see people eating the perfectly golden brown fried fish and not get jealous. Great crunch and even better flavor. Perfect with a pint.

I saved my personal favorite place for last. El Ambia on Melbourne Street is the most authentic Cuban Restaurant you will find in Brevard County. It is a hidden gem right next to the train tracks in Downtown Melbourne. They have a special menu every day and cook everything from scratch. Also, get there at the wrong time you will wait, but the wait will soon be forgotten when you try the food. My favorite thing to order from El Ambia is the Sweet Cuban Sandwich. Writing this makes my mouth water. It is the perfect Cuban Sandwich. The waitresses are also extremely nice and the ambiance of the place reminds you of a little house in Havana. I can not say enough positive things about this place.

So next time you are in Downtown Melbourne, stop by any of these places and enjoy an excellent meal. Please feel free to let us know what your favorite dishes are in Downtown so others can enjoy.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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