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Top 5 Reasons For Tattoo Removal

Top 5 Reasons People Get Tattoo Removal Getting a tattoo can be a very exciting adventure. For me personally I have loved the process and

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Moments in Tattoo History

The 3 Greatest Moments in Body Tattoo History   Getting tattooed… a tale as old as time.  Well, ok maybe not but at least as

8 Best Ways to Avoid Tattoo Removal

The 8 Best Ways to Avoid Tattoo Regret from The Tattoo Removal Expert Ah…memories. Time to flip through the photo albums. There is your semester

My Tattoo Removal Story

My tattoo removal journey   We’ve all been 17, celebrating high school graduation with our besties, hoping the moment doesn’t pass to quickly. Well, I

Tattoo Removal for Your Dream Job

[vfb id=1] Can’t Get Your Dream Job? That Tattoo Can Be Holding You Back! You could say that I have become the patron saint of