Why is August Best Time to Start Skincare Prep for the Holidays

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Why August is the best time to start Skincare Prep for the Holidays

Skincare at Millefiori
Skincare at Millefiori

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? Can you feel the holiday cheer? You’re probably thinking “what is wrong with you Ashley, its August?!” Well, believe it or not, there are 104 days till Thanksgiving! That’s right, a little over 100 days. That’s not very long – giving us 15 weekends till family and friends gather – many only that one weekend a year. If you look in the mirror today and are thinking this year will be the year that you’re going to blow everyone away with a new look, you better start now!

What Are My Skincare Options?

Skincare at Millefiori
Skincare at Millefiori

Most skincare regimens take a couple months to see their full effect. Thinking of laser or possibly the hot new service micro needling? 4 treatments are required for correction of wrinkles, scarring and enlarged pores. Think laser is a better option for your skincare needs? With lasers, the average is 5 visits. At once a month treatments, starting in August would put your endpoint for results into the new year. Now imagine that Christmas photo of the family with you looking like a burned lobster right out of the cooking pot. Not everyone’s idea of a happy holiday!

When to Start a Skincare Regimen?

Although summer may seem far away from the holiday hustle, skincare changes take time. We say here at Millefiori “that wrinkle didn’t show up overnight – you can’t expect it to go away in 24 hours either.” With high-grade medical skincare, results should begin to present after 4 weeks, with full results in roughly 3 months. Looking for long, fabulous lashes? Latisse guarantees results after 12 weeks. Unfortunately, nothing is overnight success.
The point is, you need to start thinking now about your future skin. Not sure when you should get started for your dream aesthetic package? Take a look below for a timeline on some popular services for your freshest face forward this holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in the office soon for a free consultation to get you primped and prepped for this holiday season!
Till next time Melbourne! Love the skin you’re in.
Facials – Once a month treatment plan, with no real corrective expectations long term should be expected
Chemical Peels (low and mid-grade) – Once to twice a month treatment plan with 6-9 months being a normal timeframe for corrective results for mild concerns Chemical Peels (medical grade) – Once a month treatment plan with 4-6 months for corrective results of mild-moderate concerns
Micro needling – Once a month treatment plan for 4-6 months for corrective results of moderate concerns
Laser – Once a month treatment plan, corrective plans dependent on laser chosen (ranging from one treatment to 10 treatments)
Injectables: Botox’s best results come 3 treatments consecutively at every 3 months – corrective results fully after 9 months Fillers best results range from one session to three sessions for extreme volume loss. Full corrective results come 2 weeks after last injection

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