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Trends of the esthetic industry point towards at-home devices skyrocketing with both women and men looking to curb the aging process. In 2012 alone, at home esthetic devices sold an estimated $1 billion worldwide. In my 10 years of experience, most are worth the cost of the box and nothing else. The Clarisonic is one of the rare exceptions to the pack. It is an add-on technology I recommend to almost every single patient I see. I’ve witnessed texture, tone, oil production, clarity – all change dramatically within a month or two with one single change – the addition of the Clarisonic in their skincare regimen. Your skin is an investment. You are only given one face. The Clarisonic is worth every penny (for most) but it does come with some pros and cons.



The Clarisonic has unmatched technology in regards to exfoliation and cleansing. Knock off brushes like the Olay cleansing brush and similar looking devices, have one head that spins, mocking a circular scrub motion to “clean” the skin. Really, this just moves product around the face and that’s about it. The REAL Clarisonic has 3 individual circular heads spinning in opposite directions to not just move product around but rather clean, scrub and lift products out of pores and off the skin. It has been proven with blind studies that it cleans the skin over 100 times more than using just your cleanser and hands alone. It gently exfoliates your skin, allowing serums, moisturizer and corrective products to penetrate deeper into your epidermis – thus allowing your products to work better and more efficiently. Removing dead skin cells over time brightens and evens complexion, even without every adding any additional products.

Anyone can use the Clarisonic (ultra-sensitive or rosacea/dermatitis patients exempt). Tweens love it because it is the “it” thing. Take a look in Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar, New Beauty – raves aren’t hard to find. Men love it because it’s a techie toy. What man doesn’t love a new gadget? Women love it because it actually works and after only a week of using it, you actually see a difference. FINALLY! I have families that have one in every bathroom, and the awesome part is that it is teaching children and others that never learned proper skincare, how to take care of their skin and keep it healthy and glowing for years. For someone looking to get more out of their skincare or to start with the basics, the Clarisonic is always my go-to recommendation.HowToUseClarisonic_752x250final


Over-use can come easily since the Clarisonic is so addicting to use. Patients can get dry quickly if using the device twice a day, mostly from over-exfoliation. Little red bumps (irritation), dry patches, and even breakouts are the first signs of overuse and should be monitored. Once a day, usually recommended in the evening due to makeup use and free radical damage from the environment, is what I suggest to most patients here at Millefiori in downtown Melbourne. If you are using a retinol, retin-a, or prescription medication for skincare concerns, this also will affect the number of days you can incorporate the Clarisonic in your routine. I always recommend to consult with your esthetician before beginning to use the Clarisonic, just to ensure you are dosing yourself correctly.

Sharing and not cleaning the brush heads of the Clarisonic is the other most common miss-use that can create skincare concerns. Oily/acne patients usually have a great response with the Clarisonic, as long as they are washing their brush heads. When I first was introduced to the at-home-device in 2006, cleaning instructions were not provided, and most people never had the idea to wash the cleaning head. No matter the skin type, but especially for oily and acneic patients, you have to wash the brush head. Makeup, bacteria, mold, they all will start to grow along your bristles and create not only an un-effective devise, but actually create a breeding ground for problems. Sharing brush heads should be compared to sharing a toothbrush. Maybe as an absolute necessity (for me I can’t bring myself to this EVER), but you want to really limit cross contaminating. Once a week is average for my recommendation for cleaning, and is a 5 minute fix. Just rinse your brush head till it looks clean, place face down in a shallow dish of alcohol so about half the depth of the bristles are submerged, and soak for 5 minutes. Rinse again for a minute until the alcohol has been eliminated and leave face down on a paper towel to air dry. If you have met someone who mentions they had more breakouts from the Clarisonic, I guarantee it was probably from not washing their brush.

Thinking about adding a Clarisonic to your skincare routine? Come down to Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation in downtown Melbourne for my advice and expertise. We always offer complimentary consultations, and invite you to bring your skincare/makeup and other products and devises you currently use to fill gaps, make supplemental product suggestions, and devise a treatment plan to get you to your esthetic goals. Here at Millefiori, we make a plan, not a promise. Call today at (321) 821-4778 to schedule your free one-on-one today!

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