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5 Examples of Downtown Melbourne fl being Brevard’s #1 Destination

Growing up in Satellite Beach in the 90’s there wasn’t a lot of buzz surrounding Downtown Melbourne Fl. I can remember my aunt selling antiques in the late 90’s out of an antique store. I graduated high school in 2003 and all you thought of was Meg’O’Malleys for any where to go in downtown. When I came back from college in 2008 there was a change happening in downtown that could not be avoided any more. Owning a business here in Downtown Melbourne Fl, it becomes clear as day the changes that are happening. Sitting at The Burger Place eating one of the best burgers you can find it struck me as to why Downtown Melbourne Fl is becoming the go to place in Brevard County.

  1. Melbourne Main Street 

    Melbourne Main Street - Downtown Melbourne Fl.
    Melbourne Main Street Logo

When Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation first opened other owners were, how do I say this in a nice way, displeased with this organization. Melbourne Main Street (MMS) is a non-profit tasked to grow and maintain downtown. From what I was told this organization was lazy and did not a single thing for downtown business. In the past four months MMS hired a new director who has totally changed the organization for the better. She has breathed new life into this stale organization and has gotten merchants working together for the first time in years. As a business owner, I am truly excited what the future holds for MMS due to the leadership in place.

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  1. Young Professionals

Young Professionals - Downtown Melbourne Fl.While eating I couldn’t help but notice the majority of people walking around Downtown Melbourne Fl were young professionals, dressed in business attire. It is not just a one day a week thing either. It is every day the streets are packed from 11am (lunch)-7pm (happy hour) with young professionals. This trend will only continue to strengthen as the Old Mel High is knocked down for an Urban Flat style apartments aimed at attracting young professionals.

  1. Construction

Walking Downtown Melbourne Fl you will notice an exciting movement, construction. Businesses are moving in, building out, and expanding all around us. We moved in a year ago this next month and in that time we have seen Executive Cigar Shoppe create an outside patio to sip on your beverage and smoke your favorite cigar. A new World themed restaurant PC Keats is moving in next door to us. Backwater restaurant just opened across the street and the Southern style cooking has taken off as they are busy open to close. A property management location is remodeling the outside of their business. Brand new restaurants and businesses are moving in on the west side of downtown. It is an exciting time to be associated with Downtown Melbourne Fl.

  1. Restaurants megs - Downtown Melbourne Fl.

If you have not eaten in Downtown Melbourne Fl lately well then you are doing life all wrong. There is something for everyone. We have sushi, island food, Southern style cuisine, Irish delights, pizza, steak and fish, amazing bar food and world cuisine served tapas style. Below are a few of my favorites.

Matt’s Casbah– Best place to sit outside order a nice cold beer or wine and enjoy amazing fish cooked perfectly the way you want it. You will see a crowd starting around 4pm every day. Lunch is quick and delicious. I recommend flat bread pizza, fish sandwich, or the buffalo chicken sandwich.

El Ambia– OMG Cuban food to die for. If you have not been there, do yourself a favor and go immediately. It is authentic through and through. Amazing and the menu changes every day.

905 Cafe– This is my every day coffee. The iced coffee is a different flavor every day. I just tried the espresso smoothie and now I am hooked. My favorite is their Costa Rican Blend. They have a blueberry crumble iced coffee every once in a while that will make you come back for more. The inside is full of charm. I take all my business meetings there.

  1. Friday Fest

Friday Fest is one of the best kept secrets of Brevard County. Downtown Melbourne Fl has been hosting Friday fest for a few years now and a couple other cities have tried to duplicate its success. Friday fest is a family oriented and has activities for all ages. Last month there was a shark tank theme in front of Main Street bar and Pub. There is always fun vendors selling their arts and crafts for all ages. A live band keeps the positivity going. In December there was a Santa Claus and Jazz music playing throughout the night. From Snow Cones to crafts Friday Fest has it all. July 10th is the next Friday Fest and I would highly recommend bringing the family and seeing yourself what all the talk is about.

An extra is the Mural Contest coming later this year. Very popular artists have submitted drawings to be placed throughout downtown. Downtown Melbourne Fl will come alive with these murals and I for one am beyond excited to see the finished product.

Don’t Forget to visit Downtown Melbourne Fl.

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