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Why facials are so important in the summer

As the sweltering heat in Florida makes you want to fly north till September, our skin takes the brunt of the beating from the Florida sun. Hopefully you are wearing a SPF daily all year long, but with heavier applications, extra sweat (and bacteria) production, and mix in salt/chlorine, summer can really reak havoc on your picture perfect complexion. Here are some reasons why facials (regular and back facials) are so important in the summer. Go on girl, get your glow on!

Protect Against Skin Cancer

Summer sun means you need to be on guard against free radical damage that causes skin cancer and premature aging. Have you heard that an SPF alone does not protect you from skin cancer? While using an SPF daily is the most important thing in your regimen, summertime is the perfect time to add an antioxidant into your routine. These prevent and correct free radical damage to the skin. Vitamins like C and E will prevent and protect against dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and even redness. Though all estetically listed, free radical damage also is the cause of skin cancers, and will be more esthetically displeasing and concerning in the long run.

Breakouts and Exessive Oil Production

Just imagine, your at the beach, slathering on the sunscreen, sweating for a few hours, and cooling off in the salt water. Bacteria mixed with sunscreen chemicals, combined with a salt residue is now deep inside your pores, and washing your face doesn’t cut it. This cycle begins to build up, and create an either unsightly “strawberry nose”, chin blackheads, excess oil, or even deeper breakouts and cystic acne. Facials are a deep pore cleanse for the skin, removing deep set blackheads, clogged pores and sebum. I always recommend a facial at least once during the summer season, and then again once right before the fall season to reset the skin and pH.

Dehydration from the Sun

Now you may be like me, and have a breakout every few months, and summer oil isn’t a concern. For dryer or more mature patients, dehydration is the number one concern I treat in the summer. Over-exposed skin dried like a prune, wrinkles and darkens. Most people are unaware that going in and out of extreme heat to an air conditioned and humidity controlled building can severely damage the hydration level of the skin. Dehydrated skin, if left unattended, can start to itch, become flaky, and lead to other concerns like dehydration lines that present as wrinkles. Drinking enough water gives your body the water content from the inside, and facials with hydrating masks and hyaluronic acid continues that progress topically.

Consultation at Millefiori Melbourne, FL

Anytime is a good time for a facial, but summer is one the best times to start a regimen. Are you concerned about your skin? Experience our complimentary consultation, in depth skin analysis and signature facial for the month of June for only $79 ($20 off this month only!). Call to schedule at (321) 821-4778.
Till next time Melbourne! Love the skin you’re in.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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