Beauty & Skincare Travel Tips

Beauty & Skincare Travel Tips

Memorial Day weekend usually marks the beginning of summer travel for most in the United States. It has been reported by USA Today that over 200 million will fly around the country over the summer, which means a lot of women (and men!) attempting to stuff all their skin and hair supplies in a clear bag with 2oz bottles. Packing is dreadful, the worst part of traveling in my opinion, and takes skill for a professional with one carry on. With a lot of coast-to-coast (and a little international) travel experience, I put together my top beauty and skincare travel tips to make sure you always have what’s needed without the full kitchen sink.

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  1. Have a refreshing spray at all times! Traveling dehydrates the skin worse than my favorite pimple spot treatment. Refreshing mists and sprays, like Avene’s Thermal Water , is not only an instant wake-up after a long travel day, can be an amazing cool off in humid and hot climates, but also gives the skin a boost of hydration without removing a single product. TRICK: You can also set makeup with a hydrating spray – apply all products, including mascara, and mist for a full day of wear.
  2. Get your must-haves in travel size. I’ve learned this the hard way when I left my favorite Darphin Stimulskin Eye Cream & Bumble smoothing hair serum in a hotel room in San Francisco, and cried the whole way home knowing I was going to have to spend another $175. If you’re medical office, salon or spa doesn’t have samples of your regimen, ask about travel or trial size options, even if you have to special order. Remember to not pack unnecessary things, like a mask you use once a week or a retinol that you can’t use while getting sun exposure. TRICK: Have a “travel bag” pre-made at all times to make your life easier and one less thing to think about. Make sure to check expiration dates on SPF.
  3. Q-TIPS are the number one secret makeup artists like to dish. They can take place of eyeshadow brushes, give your eye makeup a clean look, and can work other wonders when you need another tool for blending a cream or powder product. TRICK: I use my q-tips as all applicators (shadow, brow, lip, blush) when traveling – it doesn’t take up space in the bag and I come home to clean makeup brushes!
  4. Cleansing wipes are best for on-the-go. Let’s be realistic, when you’re on vacation, you’re not going to sit in your hotel room, primping in the evening for an hour. Cleansing wipes are a great alternative that are fast, and you don’t have to worry about the 2oz. rule. TRICK: Put one wipe for each day in a ziplock bag to cut down on space and limit waste.
  5. Mask before travel. Many times I advise my patients to put a hydrating mask on right before take-off. You’ll need to create a protective seal to keep moisture in. The pressurized cabin air is desert-try, raising the chances of dullness, fine lines appearing and rough patches that can lead to breakouts. TRICK: Exfoliate the night before flight and sleep in a beauty oil to lock in hydration. When applying the hydrating mask on the day of travel, create a very thin layer (visually clear) and let absorb directly into the skin.
  6. When in doubt, shampowder! This miracle in a tube not only de-greases hair from sweat and pollution but also adds volume to your untamed tresses. Though not a pass to skip hair washing all together, it will make the flat ironed or curled hair last one extra day and with multiple shade options can give a refresher for your color as well!
  7. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are made for travel. If you’ve been in my office, you know I’m not the biggest fan of using just a tinted moisturizer or BB cream (or CC cream, DD cream or anything else new in the last week!), but travel is the exception of the rule. Unless you’re traveling for a wedding or big event (yes, work conference is considered a big event), try to skip the foundation for the few days and pump the hydration with a moisturizer with a little coverage. TRICK: Apply your moisturizer under your tinted moisturizer. Sounds double the work but tinted moisturizers DO NOT provide enough moisture.
  8. Gel polish is the way to go! If you’re like me and appreciate a good mani, spring for the gel polish. Nothing looks worse than half-chipped polish while on vacation, and gel manicures last at least 2 weeks. TRICK: Light colors don’t show wear as quickly and are safe with more outfits than that electric blue.

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Till Next Time Melbourne!

Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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