My Summer Facial Masque Review


Phyto Corrective Masque Review


It sure has been a scorcher these last couple of days!! And believe it or not… it’s not even near the end of summer time! With schools starting and Memorial Day weekend just celebrated, outdoor activities are at an all time high in my household!

Of course my summer essentials have been in arms reach but a new item I’ve been incorporating is the phyto corrective masque by Skinceuticals! Not only is this masque a treat, but it packs so many beneficial factors with it!

Why Use?

We use this masque in many of our treatments. One of the main post-procedure usages is after microneedling! If you do not know by now, Microneedling is the most popular procedure in America right now!


This highly concentrated masque has botanical extracts, calming dipeptide properties, and hyaluronic acid. In laymen’s terms it soothes intensively and replenishes skin reactivity.

This oil-free lightweight gel masque actually helps bring down the skin surface temperature. Making it not only perfect for treatments but so refreshing. It helps cut down any post-procedure downtime by reducing visible redness and discomfort.

What Does it Do?

This good smelling green goo of goodness has a unique blend of cucumber, thyme and olive extracts that soothes the skin. The calming dipeptides will reduce the perception of heat sensitivity.

There are so many functions you can use the phyto corrective masque – apply it as a leave on mask for 10-15 mins or even apply it as an overnight mask and rinse off the next morning! It’s not just for post treatments or sun exposure. Many of my clients even use it after the gym to bring down the heat and redness in their face after a killer workout.

The owner even uses it on his head after he shaves!! Don’t tell him I told you that!

It’s My Favorite B/C

Personally, what I love to do with this mask is actually place it in the fridge and after a long day at the office or exploring outdoors, I like to apply a layer on right before bed and sleep with it on. Which is exactly what I am doing while writing to you all! HahaMasque

The smell is divine and quite relaxing – even my 11 year old daughter is fan! She’s always requesting a spa day with the green masque! The other day we got a tad too much sun so we both ended our weekend with our feet up in comfy clothes and the phyto masque on!  The next morning we could instantly tell our skin was re hydrated with no trace of the signs of being out too long in the sun. Anytime I can walk around the house with a face masque on… I will!

Love The Skin Your’re in


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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