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Medical Esthetician
Wait, What is a Medical Esthetician?

What exactly is a Medical Esthetician? I recently graduated from Esthetician school and I am a full time Medical Esthetician at Millefiori! Yay *happy dance* it’s

4 Tips For Perfect Wedding Skin

4 Tips For Wedding Season Wedding season is upon us! Everyone’s excited & the ideas are flying. Wedding expo pictures are getting pinned left and right

Facial Package
5 Reasons a Facial Package is Perfect

5 Reasons A Facial Package Is Perfect ‘Tis the time of year where everyone else comes first and your mind is racing 10,000 miles a minute

Medical Spa
Medical Spa Vs Day Spa

Differences Between Day Spas & Medical Spas   Have you ever looked up “spa close to me” and found a crazy amount of answers? Day spa,

February’s Deal of the Month

February’s Deal of the Month PUCKER UP BABY! Love is in the air – plump up and pucker up in February with our special of the

January Deal of The Month

January’s Deal of the month Start the new year with this perfect duo! Spend some time relaxing with Ashley with our Spa Facials and erase

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Why You Should Use Microneedling Today

Microneedling or Laser – Technology Advancements in the Esthetic  Industry When it comes to the esthetic industry, lasers are the big dog on the block.