Top 2 Reactions Your Skin has To Pollen


Top 2 Reactions Your Skin has To Pollen

I hate Pollen but, I love living in Florida. You can enjoy the outdoors mostly year around (minus the 100 degrees July through August) and we have the best beaches you can find. Though we may not get snow, we are unfortunate enough to be blanketed by this sneeze-inducing, eye-watering film called pollen. It makes you stuffy, irritated and unable to enjoy your Sunday morning stroll! But have you ever wondered how does all this pollen affect your skin?

Pollen is an allergen that creates an inflammatory response in our bodies. That means, if you’re allergic, it can create havoc for your skin. Some of the most common irritation we see at Millefiori are:


Red, itchy bumps/rash. This is the most common visual affect. If you don’t wash your face immediately upon contact, many can have a rash/rosacea like reaction.  This shows up as redness, red bumps, white bumps and dry patches. Itchiness can make you want to scratch your skin off and dryness will only make it worse. The best thing to help is to clean the skin as soon as you come in from outside and keep the skin hydrated with a moisturizer. Using cleansers with alpha hydroxy acids gently remove the dead layer of skin for an added benefit. Apply an anti-inflammatory product as a protective layer, like Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective gel, is also a great tool for redness, rash and hives.Pollen

Eye Swelling

PollenPuffiness/Eye Swelling. Water retention and swelling is especially common when pollen and ragweed comes in contact with mucus membranes like eyes. Ice and cold compresses can alleviate swelling and trapped fluid/heat. Eye creams with a high percentage of antioxidants, like our AOX Eye Gel, combat free radical damage and repair compromised skin. Making sure you wipe your face with a washcloth before bed can ensure you aren’t bringing anything in from outside and spreading it to your pillow.

Unfortunately, when it comes to allergies, the best defense is offense. Being prepared with the appropriate tools when signs first begin to show up make a big difference! Once the storm drains turn yellow, it’s almost too late!

Need an extra boost in calming the skin? Book a facial with our medical esthetician, Ashley, for a deep cleanse and anti-inflammatory treatment, like our rosacea/sensitive skin facial. Prescription products for the skin’s allergic response are also available in our office, located in downtown Melbourne, Florida. Call us at (321) 821-4778.

Till Next Time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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