What Exactly is Acne?


Hey guys, it’s time for another good read. This time we are talking about one of the most common skin care problems almost everyone runs into! ACNE.

Acne effects 80% of Americans at some point of their life. Whether it’s a past struggle that has now caused some texture issues in your skin, or a current issue that doesn’t seem to be going away. There are solutions for you!


There’s a lot of different forms of acne that comes out in the skin. We have- blackheads, whiteheads, cystic, papules, pustules, fungal and more…. The list can actually seem endless. Due to there being different types of acne. Everyone’s ski is different which means different solutions for everyone.


Let’s look at the different types of acne and what they look like, so you can better understand what might be happening in your skin!



You can imagine the long list of suggestions on what to do for each type of acne. I’m here to give you the clinical answers and do’s and don’t’s from what you might see on the internet. For a very generic version of things that can help your skin out, check out this chart below.



Great products are mentioned above to get your breakouts under control. Now it’s important to understand, treating acne typically needs medical attention and medical grade products along with procedures to see a difference in your skin and help your breakouts from coming back.


Seeing your local esthetician can quickly get you on the right track to clearing your skin up. If you’re suffering with acne breakouts of any sort, it’s recommended to receive facials regularly, at least once every four weeks, to help exfoliate your skin.

Another crucial part of controlling acne breakouts is understanding that your skin still in face does need moisture! If you strip your skin down with common over the counter products or alcohol and astringent based toners chances are you’re actually making your acne a lot worse!

Even with oily skin, you should be applying a lightweight non-comedogenic moisturizer at least once a day so you’re skin doesn’t try to overproduce oil, creating more sebum to clog your pores.

For more tips and tricks, and of course awesome treatments and skincare, come visit me at Millefiori! It’s your turn to get these acne breakouts under control, and I’m here to help! See you soon, Melbourne.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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