3 Impacts of Stopping the Use of Your Eye Cream

Eye Cream

3 Impacts of Stopping Using Your Eye Cream

So I started to use an eye cream when I was in my early twenties. I read in a magazine that this is the first area to show signs of aging and that freaked me out enough to run to CVS and pick up a jar of the magic potion called eye cream. Then fast forward a few years and I fell into this crazy industry of skincare. I met the wonderful skincare guru named Ashley Wolfe. She gave me a facial and very pleasantly told me a few things that I was doing wrong with my skincare routine. One of her highlights was to make sure that I was using a good eye cream. So in my later twenties I stepped up my game and stopped buying my skincare products at the same place that I purchased toilet paper. I was in the big leagues now and using medical grade skincare. I will say that overall I did see a big improvements of the texture and tone of my skin.Eye Cream

Then about a year ago I made the real big girl switch from an eye cream to an eye gel. Let’s face it, now I am in my thirties and anti-aging is super important. I knew that all the literature and skincare knowledge I had at this point was telling me this was the right direction. But to be honest I never really saw a big difference to my under eye area. I became a skincare sheep and just followed what the masses were doing and diligently applied by eye gel twice a day as directed. It felt nice and was easy to do, so I just figured why not use it?

Now this past week, something dramatically changed… I ran out! That’s right ladies I had a very empty bottle of AOX eye gel sitting on my skincare shelf. I looked at it and thought “I know I need to replace that but what’s the hurry? What’s the worst that could happen by not using it for a few days?” Well let me tell you what happened. My skin under my eyes decided to have a little panic attack and pity party for itself and I am freaking out. Within a week of stopping using my product the skin under my eyes started to change.


The first thing I noticed was the texture. I started to see very fine tiny lines creep up into my view in the car mirror. The skin texture changed to feel dry and rough. This was because a lack of hydration to the under eye area. The skin under the eye is delicate and can become dehydrated very easily. A product such as an eye cream, is specially formulated for this thin skin. It is the first line of defense for dehydration. If you are having more severe texture issues due to aging, even with the use of an eye cream, you may be a candidate for microneedling to boost collagen in that area.


Eye CreamDue to stopping the eye cream, my under eye area also started to feel sensitive to the touch. Every time I went to put on makeup just touching that area was very sensitive and almost had a burning sensation. Not having the proper products for that area can alter the pH of the skin and make it burn when things like makeup are applied. Making sure you use an eye cream 1-2 times every day will prevent this from happening.

Tired Look

Every person I have come in contact with this past week has been asking if I am feeling okay, and stating that I looked tired. My lack of eye product has now turned my face into a sleep deprived monster. Without the use of the antioxidants from the eye product dark circles and puffiness become more noticeable. Another quick fix to help eyes look more open and less tired is Botox. Botox gives that quick pick me up and hides those fine lines!

Eye Cream

When these 3 things happened I Immediately consulted my guru Ashley. She took one look at me like I was a poor little kid learning the lesson of not touching the stove when it’s on. Ouch! She then explained that even though I may have thought that the eye gel was not doing much for my skin, I was totally wrong! It was keeping the skin hydrated at a cellular level and fighting off signs of fatigue and aging. Also it was regulating the pH of the skin. She went further to explain that when the skin pH is off balance, like in my case of being super dry, that when hydrating products come in contact to the skin it can actually burn. Yikes!


So the next time you look at that tiny little bottle and think do I really need this? Or you think that an eye cream is just a more expensive version of a moisturizer in a smaller bottle… Let me remind you are WRONG!  I have experienced the impact of what happens when you stop using that little bottle of magic potion for the eyes. I promise that I will never go a day without my eye cream again. I have been using it again religiously for about a week and can already see an improvement in the dryness and dark circle, also the sensitivity is completely gone.

If you think you might need some advice from the guru Ashley about your current product use, make sure to call our office for a free consult 321-821-4778.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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