Top 3 Reasons Your Last Micro Needling Session Was a Bust


The 3 Reasons Your Last Micro needling Session was a Bust


Micro needling, So you would think that since micro-needling is a medical procedure it would be an exact science. For instance, there would be this setting for type a, or this depth for type b skin. Here at this office, we have a saying we use often. “Skincare is like the wild wild west.” That phrase couldn’t be more true, unfortunately, and it is imperative to have a good relationship with a business before making an investment on micro needling that should be yielding an expected outcome. I’ve had too many people out there who have told me “micro-needling didn’t work for me” or “I’ve done one laser treatment and I saw nothing!”  There are a few possible reasons why your last micro-needling treatment didn’t work as well as you had hoped. Read below to find out why! (and next time, come straight to us)Micro Needling

Who and Where Is It Done?

With micro needling, the caliber of technicians is immense. There are regular estheticians, medical estheticians, physician assistants and cosmetologists that perform these procedures. Foo-froo spas (yes, that’s a word, foo-froo), medical spas, plastic surgery centers, and dermatologist offices can offer the treatment, but you better believe it that the experience will differ greatly. Micro needling results are based on a few factors, and the depth or aggressive level is one of them. Being at a medical office, rather than a traditional spa, allows the technician to set their pen setting deeper in the epidermis due to a medical license on file. The deeper the setting, the more collagen you can stimulate. For some, that may be important, for a younger patient it may not be. Also, finding someone who is meticulous with their treatments can play a big factor. For example, I change my setting and technique multiple times within one patient’s visit for complete customization, and change them at each visit as well. Having a technician who stays with the same setting or application technique is undervaluing the opportunities that the pen gives for each patient’s progress. RED FLAG IF YOUR TECHNICIAN IS USING THE SAME SETTING FOR YOUR WHOLE FACE AND SERIES.

How many treatments did you have?

Micro Needling
After a Series

This is a biggie. Think of going to an early morning boot-camp session. You go once, feel good, and then never go back. Would you expect the same results as someone who completed a full 60 day p90x challenge?! THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING! Going for one visit is an injustice to the treatment itself and your wallet. With how collagen is stimulated, it takes roughly 30 days to see the gorgeous new stuff to come to the surface, which means you wouldn’t see much before you would be due for your second visit. And EVERYONE needs at least 4 treatments. Why? It is a minute amount of visible progression from just one treatment, but when you get a cumulative effect, it is measurable and noticeable. The only patients I allow to receive one treatment have done a series before and are doing it as maintenance. RED FLAG IF YOUR TECH TELLS YOU ONE TREATMENT WILL GET YOU RESULTS!


What Products were you using at home while you were going through treatments?

Yes, this is important. Micro-needling creates a small highway for products to go from the top of your skin to a depth where they can really do some action. We apply hyaluronic acid or vitamin c when doing our treatments, but that’s literally one day out of 30. You aren’t doing anything?! Well that treatment wasn’t much help for your skin then! YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING! Products like Skinceuticals Resveratrol nighttime antioxidant repairs loss elasticity on its own, but imagine it combined with the micro-needling treatment – it makes it like a bodybuilder on juice (without the weird mood swings and body acne). Don’t judge a treatment unless you give it your all, and products are included!

Like anything out there, you gotta do your research. Research on the location, the technician, the treatment itself, and reviews from others. Also, ask questions. If you’re reading this in Pleasant Valley, New York and can’t make it down, ask your tech’s these questions! Your results and money can be relying on it!

Not sure if micro needling is right for you? Come into our office, located in downtown Melbourne, for a complimentary consultation. (321) 821-4778, open Tuesday through Saturday.
Till next time Melbourne!
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