True or False: Chemical Peels are Dangerous in the Summer Time

Chemical Peels

True or False: Chemical Peels are Dangerous in the Summer Time

Chemical Peels

Getting chemical peels during the summer is bad for your skin? Believe it or not, chemical peels during the summer are absolutely GREAT for the skin! So TRUE!!

But… What Peel?

The MicroPeel procedure (my favorite) is a three-step clinical procedure:

  1. combining dermaplaning
  2. customized chemical peel
  3. CO2 blast to cool down the skin

This professional strength peel aids with reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, laxity, dullness, and skin imperfections! The proof is in the pudding… my skin has a full on committed relationship with micropeels. The picture on the left is from mid 2016 and the picture on the right is from beginning of 2017!!

Chemical PeelsChemical Peels

The Process?

The three step process allows the esthetician to mechanically exfoliate the skin with a medical tool. This will reveal smoother skin and remove peach fuzz. Now the peel solution that was customized to your skin concerns and diagnosis will penetrate the skin allowing correcting of imperfections. At the end we like to cool your skin down with a blast of CO2 or calming mask to help bring down any warmth to the skin.

This allows your pores to close off and reveal a healthy glow. Leaving you with minimal downtime and skin so bright, everyone needs sunglasses!

Benefits to Chemical Peels?

A benefit of having chemical peels in the summer is that it will help keep your brown spots under control. If you stop having chemical peels during the middle of the summer, your pigment will get a lot worse.

You will then have more work in the fall to undo the damage. With new skin coming to the surface after a peel, you want to make sure you are using the proper physical block sunscreen. You would not want to harm the new baby skin that is now smoother and brighter on the surface.Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are beneficial for most skin types including sensitive skin. Chemical peels not only treat problem prone skin, but they can also be preventative as well.

The normal rate of skin cell turnover is between 21-28 days. Depending on the amount of damage in our skin, this rate tends to slow down dramatically usually starting in our late 20’s. By receiving very mild chemical peels this will help to increase this cellular turnover to stimulate healthy cell growth while exfoliating dead cells and rehydrating the skin!

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Always love the skin you’re in!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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