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Collagen Bomb
Why a Collagen Bomb Today?

It’s everyone’s favorite word- COLLAGEN. We have the perfect Service to Help, The Collagen boost!! Why a Collagen Boost? Collagen is our best friend and

My Kybella Experience

Have you ever heard of an injection to permanently get rid of fat cells? Well you have now that you’re reading this! Kybella is an

Botox Party
Top 4 Excuses to Have a Botox Party Today!

Why hosting a Botox party is the best ladies night out! Tupperware parties, jewelry parties and now- – Botox party! We are always looking for

3 Tips for Happy Holiday Skin

My Favorite holiday is coming up quick! This is an exciting (and stressful) time for most people. You probably have so much to do and

3 Ways to Save you Money on Botox!

Stop Spending Too Much $$ On Botox No one I know has received botox from me and said “I wish that wrinkle came back” .