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Chemical Peels
My Chemical Peel Work if I Don’t Peel?

Is My Chemical Peel Working if I Don’t Peel? Questions? How many people have had a friend get a chemical peel and hated the downtime?

November Deal of the Month

November’s Deal of the Month REFRESH AND RELAX THIS NOVEMBER, AND PREP FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Combine our most advanced peel to remove years off your

September Deal of the Month

September’s Deal of the Month Facials and chemical peels quarterly are a great way to not only maintain skin health and quality but also ensure your

Period Breakouts
Period Breakouts 3 Tips To Help

Period Breakouts and How to Help! O.M.G. “That time of the month” really has no advantages. You feel tired, bloated, and your skin FREAKS OUT!

referral program
August Deal of the Month

August’s Deal of the Month     Did you know you can earn Millefiori cash, just by spreading the word about our business? Check out

july deal of month
July Deal of the Month

July’s Deal of the Month- Last Week       Can you believe it! It has been another amazing year here at Millefiori. This July we

Questions to ask before Botox
8 Questions to Ask Before Botox

8 Questions to ask your provider about getting Botox   So you have decided that Botox might be for you, you have taken the step

Sweat, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly To Getting Your Sweat On   It’s officially bathing suit season! Living on the beach (ok, lets be

May Deal of the Month

May’s Deal of the Month Refer a friend to our office for botox and receive 10 free units ($110 value) Enjoy the benefits of botox